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Sound Advice To Soundproof Your Home

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Do you need help to make your home quieter? Whether you live in a single-family home, high-rise building or anything in between, there are distracting noises from outside, neighbors or other family members.

There are a number of things you can do to soundproof your home. The concept of soundproofing is to stop the flow of sound by placing something between the source (for example, a loud stereo) and the target (your ears). Here's some advice from experts in the soundproofing business.

The best thing to block sound is sheer mass. Forget solutions like egg cartons, old mattresses, rubber floor mats or more wall insulation. The best way to retrofit a room for better sound isolation is to use one of the sound-dampening materials on the market today.

There is specially formulated drywall that turns acoustic vibrations into heat and can reduce sound transmssion by at least 70 percent or more. A single basic half-inch 4-by-8-foot panel costs about $95.00. ( You can replicate the effect of such specialized materials much cheaper by treating ordinary drywall with Green Glue with is a gooey compound that transforms vibrations into heat. (

If noise from the floor above is the problem, create a "drop ceiling" by hanging another layer of drywall. To go a step further, hang the drop ceiling using vibration-deadening resilient sound isolation clips (RSIC) and use two layers of drywall with a layer of Green Glue applied between them. Super-dense mass load vinyl (MLF) is a product sold by the yard in rolls and is the next best thing to lead. It is often used to soundproof floors and you lay it like you do carpeting. Then carpeting can be installed over the MLF. (

Doors and windows are the weak links in a soundproof room. There are a few things you can do to improve doors. Replace any hollow-core doors with heavier solid-core ones. Install acoustic seals around the door frames and automatic door bottoms. ( Regarding windows, the best solution is to install a second soundproof window behind your existing one. (




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Note MLF should be MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl).

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