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Top Tips To Decluttering

Do you need help to declutter? I have received many inquiries asking for DIY help to declutter a home or office.  Here's a detailed outline from professional organizers.

Get Started

1.  Work in scheduled blocks of time. Keep sessions short, Mark this time on your calendar. Schedule times when your energy level is highest.

2.  Attack the visible clutter first.

3.  Move into the simplest room and tackle that, or pick just one closet or one drawer at a time.

4.  Find a friend to work with---a clutter buddy.


1.  Sturdy garbage bags

2.  Markers

3.  Packing tape

4.  Removable stickers

5.  Boxes. Label five of them as follows:  Give Away, Other People's Stuff, Put Away, Shred and Recycle, Sentimental

Ask Questions

 Do I like it? Do I love it? Have I used it, worn it or read it this year?

What is the worst that will happen if I give it up?

Does someone else in my circle of family and friends love it?

Is it ugly?  Do I feel great in it?

Does it contribute to my lifestyle and vision now?

How to maintain a clutter-free home

1.  Regularly schedule time to put things away where they belong.

2.  Invite a friend over regularly to keep you on track.

3.  Remember your vision and if you haven't reached it, go through the steps again.

4.  Review the Sentimantal box. If your interests have changed or you realize you don't need or use it, then let it go.


Is your decluttering project prompted by downsizing to a smaller living space? Then here are further steps I can suggest.

1.  Start planning ASAP.

2.  Ask friends and family for help, or you may need to hire help.

3.  Get the floor plan of the new place.

4.  Take photos of each room before you begin downsizing as you will want the memories.

5.  Sort/downsize one room at a time. Expect emotions and if you cannot part with something immediately, just keep a pile on the side for when you are able to "let go" of the item.

6.  Say "no" to storage units.

7.  Moving is always a drag, but know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have any great tips I have not covered, please contact me.



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