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Text messaging will destroy our children

Pat Tomasulo

I don't know about you, but I love a good study. You know, the kind news people use to try and scare the hell out of you . . .
Example: "A new study released shows that drinking too much water . . . COULD cause cancer!'
I always wonder who thinks up these scenarios. Who was the first guy to walk into a meeting with lenders, and say, "Hey, I got a great idea for some of that grant money you're dying to give away. Let's prove that people who cross a street without looking both ways, are more likely to be hit by cars!"

Some future study-makers have teamed up with CNN  to tell use a few things about teenagers and text messaging. Most notably . . .

- teenagers text a lot
- texting keeps them up late
- they text in school

Oh, AND, texting is as bad as smoklng.

Here's my take 



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