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I want to challenge YOU!!!

Pat Tomasulo

I get letters all the time from people questioning my athletic prowess. Usually they contain a lot of mispellings and grammatical errors (so I'm paraphrasing here), but they usually say something like this:

"Pat, you suck. I'll bet you never even played a sport."

Well, now is your chance to find out. I am so confident in my abilities that I'm issuing a challenge to Chicagoland's best. I'm looking for the most elite athletes in the area- I'm talking world class swimmers, decorated martial artists, coveted basketball prospects, championship bowlers. If you're the best of the best, I'm calling you out.


Does your kid really want a piece of this?

Oh, one more minor detail . . .

You have to be 12-years old or younger.

That's right. The "Dream Killer" is looking to take down Chicago's athletic future! If your kid thinks he or she is up to it, or if you think they're up to it, then answer my challenge. E-mail me at, and in the "Subject" line, type "Pat's Challenge." I'll pick a handful of athletes to challenge in recurring segments on the WGN Morning News.

Some of you may have seen the show I did last summer, "Shaq Vs?"  Well this is gonna be just like that, except now I'M the big man!

Before you sign Junior up for a shellacking, though, I think you should see what you're getting him into . . .



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Ammie said:

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Pat... you are so hot.

Ammie said:

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BTW... First.

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