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BGLH Fall Meet Up!

Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

Today was a beautiful day, and we had a wonderful time at the Black Girl with Long Hair Fall Meet Up!! 
Yes another successful event, and it is growing!!  We got it in yall, talking about hair, shopping, swapping products, networking, and supporting each other...ummhumm mission accomplished Hallelujah!!!  Check out some of the pics I managed to snap in between, shopping, and talking; once again I didn't get as many pics as I would've liked to because I love talking to people! lol Enjoy

Peace and Love!




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Nash Nova said:


Thanks for sharing the pictures! I wish I could have made it out there...then again, I promised myself not to buy anymore hair stuff during October lol. Since I did the big chop I've been trying (and buying) all sorts of different products. I need to use this stuff up before I try more.

I am happy my hair is long enough to pull into a small puff now. I can't wait to try more styles :) (here's a photo)

Cynthia Washington said:


Hey Nova Nash it was my pleasure to post up the pics from the event, and I wish you could have been there too but there will be more! I picked up some really fresh jewelry, also I purchased the entwine natural hair care product line which I used today and like. From one PJ (product junkie) to another I do understand, I have way to many products!#realtalk. I will be posting up an article on the entwine system tomorrow so look out for it.

I really like your puff girl, it’s making me miss mine, :/ but I vowed to stick with this three month braid challenge that came about after I started using the huetiful steamer. LBVS :D

What do you think about the thermal turban heat wrap? I bought one in 2008, and used it a few times, but micro waving the gel packs were a bit challenging for me, and they didn’t hold heat as long as I would’ve liked, but how did it work out for you? Maybe they’ve updated it since 08. lol

Nash Nova said:


I'm a serious product junkie lol. I need to cut that out, or it'll end up costing me as much as my relaxers used to. I'm glad my hair is growing so fast though. After I did the BC, I missed all my headbands and hair clips. Now I can wear them again.

I've only used the turban once. I'm due for another deep condition though, so I'm going to use it again sometime this week. I was worried about "over heating" the gel packs.
I put it in for the time they suggested, then I would feel it, and add 10 more seconds. It was hotter on my head then it was to my hand once I put it on lol. I'll figure the thing out.

What's your braid challenge all about?

cswilley said:

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Keep me posted on your progress with the turban. I put tiny braids in my hair August 26th, and they are still holding up great! November 26th, is my goal date, and with the way things are going now I will make it with no problems!!

I have NEVER been able to keep my natural braids in longer than a month, and three weeks max with twists without them becoming tangled, frizzy and starting to loc. Since I’ve been using the huetiful steamer all of that has changed!!! Also, I have been able to co-washing my hair as much as I like without it tangling, drawing up, and getting all frizzy. I will be posting up an article detailing my regimen this week. Girl I am so HAPPY feel like I’ve just banked a million dollars cause less manipulation equal thicker hair, and more growth! I have found a solution, and I am already seeing great progress.

I re-did the front section of my braids to freshen'em up a bit, also wanted to make sure I wasn’t locking, and to see what the take was going to be like, and I was able to get'em down in no time flat…this is remarkable progress for me!! :D

cswilley said:

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Nash Nova I created a plixi account, do you have a Fotki account? If not you need one because there are hundreds of naturals out there who share ALL kind of tips, photos, and natural hair style ideas!! Here’s my Fotki link. btw I totally dig the star wars tee its fly!!

Nash Nova said:


No I don't have a Fotki account. But I'm going to check out your photos. I need to find out what woman do in the winter. Do you smash a fro in a winter cap and pick it out when you get to where you're going? I need to figure out some kind of style for the winter!

It's awesome that you're able to keep your braids in for so long. I bet it cuts down on how long it takes to get ready in the morning.

Cynthia Washington said:


Nash Nova I usually hide my hair in the winter with yarn braids/twist, but since I've had such great success with my natural braids this last month 1/2, I think I will stick with it. Also, you are absolutely right, doing my hair now days is quick and easy! I just co-wash add some essential oils, gel or shea butter whip and I'm ready to go!!

As for smashing your fro under a cap in the winter is fine, as long as you protect your hair underneath the cap. Ware a satin bonnet underneath the cap, but more importantly KEEP YOUR HAIR HYDRATED. Here is one example: Sleep with a plastic cap under your bonnet every other night, remove it first thing in the morning because your hair will be a little damp. The plastic cap will trap moisture as you sleep over night and this is a great way hydrate your hair, and you'll be doing it while you sleep!!!

Don't forget if you're going to wear a hat put on a bonnet, satin/silk scarf underneath to add a barrier between your mane and cap.

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