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Ready set lets grow!

Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

Here we go!  I am back on track with my nail game and ready to grow. :) 
My nails are growing strong, are all dolled up, and I am seeing progress already!  September 25, will serve as my starting point, and I will post progress pics weekly, or bi-weekly depending on how well my manicure last.  I polished my nails with my favorite Sally Hansen products, and this time I've added a lil sum'n sum'n in the mix for ya! :D  Here is a quick re-cap of what you'll need to help you achieve your goal.

Biotin vitamins - take every day, however I take mine at night this way I never miss taking'em, but do whatever works best for you.
Ultra Nails - take every day or night.  Never take vitamins on an empty stomach this may cause irritation.
White iodine - First week apply a thin layer, each night to bare nails at bed time, then once or twice a month after your oil soak.  White iodine binds protein to your nails this is why I use it.
Badger cuticle care butter - when I cut my nails in May I neglected my cuticles (I have extremely dry cuticles) and I have to get them back up to speed.  So if you suffer from dry cuticles I really recommend this cuticle care butter, but you do not have to use this particular item it's just my fave! It is loaded with lots of natural ingredients and I recommend it, just make sure you use some type of cuticle butter/oil.
Knox Gelatin - I try to get in at least two glasses a week; not a full glass see the photo gallery for an example.  Note: it's not to tasty...that is why I mix it with a small amount of flavorful juice.

This regimen isn't hard to do at all ladies, I've laid out step by step instructions detailing my routine in my previous posts.  Besides I am living proof, this course of therapy really work if properly followed.

My junior apprentice a.k.a Quintia is a girl on the grow!  She's twelve years old and her nails, and hair are growing! (YAAY Quintia).  I will be posting up an article in the near furture on her hair and nail progress.

So come on yall lets GROW!




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