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Hide your hair challenge update: part II

Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

Hello ladies I'm excited to post this article and thrilled to report my hair is flourishing!  I had such great success with this challenge I've decided to extend it until June.
Currently I am wearing kinky twist.  This is my first time wearing them and I do like this style. I begin putting them in April 2, 2010, and finished April 23, 2010.  I am hoping they will last until June 16, 2010.  Kinky twist is another versatile protective style to hide my hair until I reach my goal of gaining 1 1/2 inch of new growth by June 2010!  I am following the same regimen as I did with the yarn twist, oil wash and deep condition weekly.   

I was ecstatic when I finished because it took me a whopping three weeks to complete this set.  One reason it took so long to finish this was my first time adding loose synthetic hair to my hair.  I must admit I wasn't in a rush to finish because I added the hair to the perimeter of my head first and this allowed me to get away with wearing up do's until I was done.

Before adding a sew in weave, yarn or synthetic hair to my head I do what I call a cabiscus treat! This extra deep conditioner is a special concoction I whip up to strengthen my hair strands, ( I will post my cabiscus treat recipe a cassia/hibiscus mix soon). For one month I wear low manipulation hair styles such as box braids or twists.  For the next week or two I wear braid/twist outs until I am ready to go into hiding! :D  Next, I braid or twist my natural hair adding my shea butter, coconut oil mixture to each braid/twist seal with Jamaican black castor oil then I add the yarn or synthetic hair.   The last and final step with kinky twist is to add perm rods to the end and dip a few at a time in hot water to achieve a curl on the ends.

The photo gallery in the Hide your hair for the winter challenge has pictures from the beginning 08/09 to 01/29/10 and all current and future updates will be posted here.



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