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Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

Hello all this is an update on the "Got Nails" post!
For those of you who may have missed it, here you go!  I am so proud and can't wait to update all of you nail lovers on my progress! :)  They are growing and doing so well and I have the pictures to prove it!

Last year during the week of November 23rd (week1) I started off on the Got Nails journey once again!  The nail color I was wearing that week was OPI Innsbruck Bronzesee, here is the kickoff picture.  The next week ( week 2) I started with the white iodine and applied it to my bare nails only, which explains why I have no pic's to post for that week.  However, be assured that I do have consistent photos for every week following week 2 ( weeks 3 through 8), which will bring you up to date (as of today) on how things are going. By the way white iodine is the business...everything I've read about it and what I posted about it is true!

I will also be sure to continue to post pic's on a weekly basis's going forward of my nail growth and progress in this photo gallery (you will get to see my cool color of the week too!). How exciting! :)

I've got my regimen down to a "T" now, and it is almost the same as the "Got Nails" post from November, but I tweeked it just a little bit.  Here are the details:  Every Friday after I get home from work, I remove my nail polish.  Next I make sure that I file each nail just a little bit, which I've found to be extremely important because it can aid in preventing snags or chips from turning into a real crack or tear. (I found that out the hard way - check out the length of my ring finger right hand, and pinkie finger left hand).

Filing each week is just like clipping the ends of your hair, and I believe your nails absorb the nutrients from the garlic and oil better as a result of this.  Then I wash my hands with soft soap and start mashing my nails in the garlic clove.  After mashing my nails in the garlic clove I get the warm, evoo (extra virgin olive oil) - the evoo concoction I made in the "Got Nails" post then soak my nails for 20 - 30 minutes.  I've added five drops of almond oil and five drops of honey to my concoction after finding love4nails on youtube she's good!!!  Then I gently blot the oil from my hand and rub the remaining oil into my hands, nails and cuticles.  Right before I go to bed I take my ultra nails vitamin (which I take every night) and have a glass of whatever juice I have in the house mixed with one package of Knox gelatin and an ounce of aloe vera juice.

Lastly I apply one coat of the white iodine concoction  I whipped up to my bare nails and underneath as well.  I will get you caught up on my progress up to this week, just go to the photo gallery and check out how my nails are growing healthy and strong!

I'm so happy this is working for me and it can for you too....



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