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Charcoal shower filters

Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

I have been using a Spirit Pure spray filtered shower head for about five months now.  This is one of the best things I've done for my hair and skin!
Immediately I noticed the difference, the water was softer, my soap lathered up faster and it last much longer; this along is beneficial for me because I'm a Dove girl and Dove isn't cheap!  In regards to that terrible soap scum that collects from hard water build-up, well it hardly accumulates and clean-up is a snap hallelujah!

I purchased the Sprite pure spray filtered shower head from Home Depot for $31.00, it last for six months and this model has eight different shower modes.  Side note there's a cheaper one that doesn't have the "eight different shower modes" I only use one mode but it's cute LOL!  The replacement filter cost $11.00 bucks last for six months and is easy to replace.  See pics of mine in the photo gallery.

I really like the Spirit it's perfect for my stand up shower but my Jacuzzi tub was left out.  showering in chlorine free filtered water then bathing in a tub filled with chlorine tanted water didn't make much sense; I was defeating my goal of maintaining ph balanced skin. While searching for something for my Jacuzzi I found this online video by Dr. Oz , and we all know he knows his stuff so I purchased an Aquasana shower filter with handheld massager I LOVE IT YALL!! Now I can fill my tub with clean soft chlorine free filtered water and I can easily wash my hair in the tub; needless to say the results were off the charts.  I like the Aquasana better because it's more functional and I can wash my hair in the tub.  It reaches my bathroom sink making it easier to fill water pitchers for drinking water, watering plants and drinking water for my two beloved cats : ).  I know this one is a bit pricey $83.00 but my hair, skin, nails, internal organs, husband and kitty cats will benefit greatly and that's priceless!  Remember take care of yourself, and ALWAYS READ product ingredients on the label of every product you have, and definitely before purchasing! Contact Aquasana at (866) 662-6885 ext. 816 and ask for Anna she is extremely knowledgeable regarding this product and don't forget to tell her Cynthia sent you!  This product has been rated a "Best Buy" by consumers digest!!

God bless you all!



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Tracy Samantha Schmidt said:


Thanks for the tip, Cynthia. I read that frightening article in RedEye a few months ago about the bacteria in old shower heads. Super scary!

Cynthia Washington said:


Hey Tracy I'm so glad I purchased the Aquasana shower filter! It is by far one of the best items I've purchased for my hair and skin to date!!! I drink this water, I wash my hair in it, there’s no chlorine smell and it’s crystal clear. Sometimes African American hair has a tendency to be a little dry and brittle after washing, I’m no longer plagued with that problem. I had no idea how harsh the chlorine in regular tap water was on my entire being especially my natural nappy mane:). Now, after aquasana my skin is so smooth and moisturized from head to toe, not to mention this is Chicago, in the middle of December! I am using Shea butter on my skin, I’ve always applied it right after I get out of the shower or tub. However, I’m seeing and feeling greater benefits from the Shea butter since the Aquasana! I like the Sprite pure spray my first filtered shower head I featured in this post from Home Depot, it is really good but the Aqusana is superior! I'm recommending Aquasana as one of my top hair/skin necessities for 2009 I love this product!!! Thanks for stopping by you are the best!!

Cindy R said:

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Hey Cynthia,
I've been using my shower head and I have to get a new filter. You can really tell when the filter is getting used up. I love this thing it really makes a difference in my hair. And....I have let my hair go gray and it has beautiful shine because of no chemicals on it.

Cynthia Washington said:


HEY CINDY R!!!! Girl I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my Aqusana. :) I have my filters set on auto delivery because you defiantly can tell the difference. I know your hair is "Hot" go ahead and work it you silver fox!! :D

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