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Mane conscience locs!

Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

This section is dedicated to all those who sport locks with mane appeal!!  Everyone in this section is locked down real tight even the sista locs are here!  I have a good eye for hair styles of all types, and Near West Chicago got it going on yall check'em out - they are HOT. 

If you think you got what it takes to hang out here, email me a photo of your lovely locks, or sista locks at and explain why you belong here in the locking section on the mane attraction!  I look forward to seeing and hearing from you real soon.


Cynthia aka hairblogger



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deandrey duffie said:

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well i myself find locks to be a remarkable form of black self expressing. I Would love to grow the locks but think it would be a quite in experience growing my hair because i rock the bald fade.

Cynthia Washington said:


Deandrey D it can be accomplished with time, patience and TLC. But I bet your fade is OFF THE HOOK!!

Message from Montie said:


I'll share this link with my FB and Twitter friends who I know have dreadlocks.

Cynthia Washington said:


Montie please share with ALL I can't wait to see all the wonderful locks that will surface!!!

free lemoi said:

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Thank you for posting my pictures! you wont believe my hair has grown a couple of inches since you took those pics. I will submit updated pics soon. Thanks again for sharing in my journey. Free

Cynthia Washington said:


Free Lemoi I can't wait to see your progress!!!

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