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Hide your hair challenge for the winter!

Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

I decided to do this challenge in October 2009 and plan to continue until April 2010.  From late August to the last week of September I wore individual twists on top and flat twists up the sides and back, this is a protective style. I've been hiding my hair since late September during that time I wore a braided Mohawk weave.  From late October until last week I wore a braided Afro puff weave.  Currently, I am finishing up my yearly favorite yarn twist
The picture below will serve as a starting pic for me in this challenge.  The Ladies over at Long Hair care forum are doing this challenge and I'm following their guidelines and rules which are listed below.
Hide your hair starting pic.JPG

Starting Pic September 2009

Guidelines:  Hide your hair for the next six months through protective styling that WILL NOT show any of your hair length.  Methods like twisting, corn-rowing, wigging, weaving, brading and bunning are examples of some styles that will hide your hair.

Rules: Hair MUST be hidden at all times except THREE TIMES (for comparison pics);
your starting pic, the second pic January 31, 2010, and the third and final pic April 30, 2010.  I hope many of you jump on the bandwagon because the winter season can be very harsh on all hair especially for African American woman.



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Message from Montie said:


I can't participate in this one. I have issues with putting other folks' hair in my head. I've never worn a weave in my life, minus an afro puff to a '70s party for about three hours. Even then I was ready to take it out. If you want to see what the afro puff looked like, click here. My hair is dry so I kinda like my hair in the winter. I don't have to oil it as much, and it usually does what I want it to do (with a perm, that is).

Looking forward to the interview in a few!

Message from Montie said:


Now I know I'm not losing my mind. I looked for this blog for like an hour because I knew you had a bunch of pics I could choose from for our interview but this blog disappeared and now it's back again. 21 is a great shot.

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