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Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

I am on a mission to grow and retain my nails.  I gave up going to nail salons a few years ago, one reason the acrylic was killing my nails, just like chemical relaxers were killing my hair. In addition to that It was to costly, and going every two weeks for a fill in was a drag
About this time last year I searched high and low for a remedy that would help solve my problem of dry cracked cuticles.  I found information on the internet in various places and a lot of the ladies on these discussion boards suggested two things that they said would end cracked dry cuticles and strengthen nails. One was garlic for strength, and olive oil for dry cuticles and nail strength I have to say both worked, I have the pictures to prove it!  There are a couple of nail polish brands that have garlic extract in the ingredient, and cuticle butters that have olive oil as the primary ingredient. Okay here's the deal I am going to first tell what I did last year then I'll tell what what I am doing now. 

Here's what I did last year:  After I got home from work every Friday I removed my nail polish, then washed my hands with liquid antibacterial soft soap.  Then I poured some extra virgin olive oil (evoo) in a tupperware dish and warmed it in the microwave for 30 seconds just to get it warm.  Next I removed the skin from a garlic clove and dug each of my nails into it.  After that I soaked my nails in the warm evoo for about 15 to 20 minutes. This really worked yall see the photos I posted below (these are from last year).  Important note, I took a specific vitamin supplement ultra nails, I've posted a pic of it below.  Check my products section for more details on this vitamin supplement and to find out where I purchased it.

Now for my current routine: I am following the same regimen as last year but I've added lemon juice to my evoo mix just a few drops, it's suppose to help soften cuticle.  Also, I drink knox gelatin mixed with juice it's protein which is good for nail strength and growth.  I drink it at least three to four times a week. Now here's a bonus for stopping by : ) I have the hook-up I found a website that sell OPI nail polish at an unbeatable price so enjoy the discount OPI nail polish!!   Thanks for stopping by and feel free to post comments and I will be glad to answer any questions. I will update the photo gallery weekly nail progress pics. And Ladies rembember no Diva is tight unless her nails are right :)



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Message from Montie said:


At any mall, there's a Deep Sea Cosmetics booth that sells a package with hand lotion, a 4-way buffer, cuticle oil, and a fingernail file. I got one about 5 or 6 years ago, and my nails immediately grew. I haven't used nail hardener or clear nail polish since. Side 4 of the buffer leaves your nails looking really shiny like it has clear polish on there. They claim there are diamonds in the buffer, but I don't know whether they're no-conflict diamonds so that made me kinda skeptical. But dollar stores also sell buffers. You buy one of those things and run cuticle oil across your cuticle area, and you should be good to go. I've never been without nails since. I keep them low because I type 81 wpm so I bang on my keys a lot, and it's uncomfortable having long nails, but yeah, it should work.

Cynthia Washington said:


Montie I’ve used this tool and for sure it is truly awesome! My nails will grow but are weak and need extra added strength. I love the buffed shine that this four sided file gives, the gripe I have is the buffing effect makes the nail surface to slick and the nail polish do not have anything to adhere to causing the polish to chip very fast and not stay on as long. I’m a polish girl and love color, but for all of you no polish girls this is absolutely a must have tool. I grantee you will get a high gloss natural shine every time, as for strengthen nails that did not happen for me :( I've posted pics in the photo gallery above of the two buffers I've used. Also, I just received a new cuticle care butter I am testing and will post a review on this product in a couple of weeks. I've posted a pic and product ingredients on Badger cuticle care in the photo gallery above.

olucy said:

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Tried the acrylics 20 years ago. Tedious. Tried the gelatin. Didn't work.

My fave: one Bioten tablet a day. Good for nails, hair and skin. Nails have never been stronger, and used to be thin and crack easily. So happy now!

Cynthia Washington said:


I completely agree olucy Biotin is definitely one of the daily vitamin supplements I take. According to the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for biotin is 300 micrograms daily. Biotin a B-complex vitamin is recommended for strengthening hair and nails this is the dose used in many dietary supplements. I just posted up a pic of the nail supplements I take, I believe in vitamin supplements :). Also, I've tweaked my regimen I’ve added white iodine and I will be posting on this shortly. Thanks olucy for your testimonial on Biotin this is defiantly a vitamin supplement everyone whose mane conscience should include in their arsenal!

Healthy&GreenMama said:


First of all, I truly love the buffer from Deep Sea Cosmetics as well! I love that it makes your nails look like they have polish on them as I have never had any success with polish actually sticking to my nails; it usually peels right off. Secondly, I have always had problems with my nails growing, splitting, etc. I have found that my basic nutrition routine has really helped me and my nails grow like crazy and have actually become quite strong as well. I use a multi-vitamin (Vita-lea) and soy protein from Shaklee ( Let's just say that faster growing and healthier nails have not been the only benefit from these. Thirdly, I am inspired by these posts to add to some garlic and EVOO (love the natural remedies!)to my regime as I should care for my cuticles, etc. better....thank you all for the great ideas; I have always wanted great looking nails and I feel that I am over halfway there.

Cynthia Washington said:


Thanks for the post Healthy&GreenMama! It truly is a labor of love to take care of our bodies, and to go green. I like the Shaklee product line there are good ingredients in the products that I've checked out. EVOO is an excellent light natural oil that absorbs quickly and can be used on our bodies and consumed as well. Let me know how your nails are fairing, and I will keep everyone posted on my journey to long strong nails!

dgemini1twin said:

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Hey Cynt, First stop biting them keep a file handy 4 when one break or crack file down instead of biting it off. second keep cuticle oil handy 2 when using the hand lotion in the office bathroom add oil to your cuticles before massaging the lotion in(maybe we should put that in the suggestion box 4 MaryJo lol).
Back to filing never file straight across use side to side motion that prevent nail cracking 2

Cynthia Washington said:


Hey dgemini1twin girl don't slap me for just responding to this post, but I just noticed I miss this one...ooops :/ anyway excellent advice and thanks for stopping by! Peace

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