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Nicole's journey

Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

Nicole Barbee, a 35 year old Contract Analyst for Tribune Company Chicago, is on a mission to maintain a 100% relaxer free mane!

In September 2008, she cut her hair into a cute short style for her birthday.  This style was HOT and she rocked it for several months.  However, she didn't enjoy going to the salon every 4 weeks to get a relaxer touch-up to tame her new growth, and besides she noticed her hair was always dry and constantly breaking off.

By July 2009, Nicole began noticing many women sporting their natural hair.  She started thinking this might be something she could do as well.  Nicole was traveling out of town at end of July and did not want to be bothered with her hair while vacationing.  She was fed up with the whole relaxer salon madness and that's when it hit her to chop it off and start fresh!  She is no stranger to cutting her hair off, she'd done that before, but she would use some sort of relaxer to tame her mane.

When I met Nicole, she told me how much she loved my natural hair! I was styling and profiling mini braids I'd done myself.  We discussed various products, the pros and cons of going natural, and this was the beginning of her quest for a natural mane.  It wasn't long after our first "mane attention" encounter she did the big chop!  Nicole you make me proud girl!

I set her up with a regimen then she realized she was now her own beautician, and didn't need the salon anymore.  I recommended some really great products that I use such as Mega tek (MGT) and Ovations (OCT) that will help her retain new hair growth, and aid in the manageability of her hair.  I also recommended some vitamins, fantastic conditioners and moisturizers too.  Nicole now enjoys the low maintenance, and new look of her natural mane.  There is a noticeable difference in her hair already.  Please follow Nicole on her pursuit to a red hot mane, and watch as her hair blossoms into a healthy beautiful mane!

I introduced Nicole to Fxybrwn78's fotki page right after she did her BC in July. Fxybrwn78 did her second big chop in November 2008.  She explains in great detail the trials and tribulations she experienced while traveling the road in pursuit of a happy healthy mane.  Her photo gallery also is an excellent source for styling ideas and is chronicled from her BC to present.



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Eve08B said:

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Wow, what a step and beautiful result!!!! I have been relaxer free for about seven years; but didn't have your nerve Nicole. I waited until I had about four inches of new growth that I could twist before having the chemically treated hair cut off.

You are rocking that hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know how you looked before; but the short, natural hair shows off your beautiful eyes. Keep up the good work lady.

Cynthia Washington said:


Hey Eve08B, click on the highlighted link cute short style in the article above, there are a few pics of Nicole before her big chop!

fxybrwn78 said:


Hi Cynthia, thanks for sharing Nicole's experience with us. For Nicole, I just want to say that you look absolutely beautiful with your new cut. You are really working it, Ms. Lady. Your texture is really pretty. I just love the waves. I cannot wait to follow your progress rather you plan to keep it short or if you are going to grow it out. If I can help you with your journey in any way then just hit me up in my fotki album. By the way, thanks so much for the "shout out"!

MsColeyCole said:


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Your words were very encouraging and yes I do plan on on growing it out. As a matter of fact I have more pics and I am in the process of creating a Fotki album so be on the look out for a diva on the loose! LOL...

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