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Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

This section is all about "The Baby Mane" Beautiful girls and boys, showcasing their mane right here in Chicago.
Here you will find information on who manages their mane, regimen, and what salon/barbershop they frequent. This is an excellent place to get great styling ideas for all those baby manes.  I promise these are some of Chicago's cutest kids rocking hot styles in and around ChicagoNow! Check out these cuties



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MsColeyCole said:


Look at those cuties! The little girls have beautiful hair. I see where a lot of parents make the mistake in relaxing kids hair saying it is hard to manage.Then down the line its breaking and very weak. In some cases, the relaxer has eaten all the childs hair out. Have a little patience and take the time to make it manageable and be creative.

Cynthia Washington said:


Yes indeed, this have to stop. I am on a mission to break the chains of tradition off manes everywhere! Thank you MsColeyCole for this is time for change.

shenjenene said:

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my daughters hair is naturally curly and thin...but I will not feed her with the "GOOD HAIR" saying that's basically telling her (in my opinion) that she's better than others because her hair is a different texture. If you take care of it young, old, thin, full, coarse, or curly its all good:) these girls bein featured are a perfect example and their hair has different textures but it has a nice length so you know its being well taken care of...

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