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Keith's hair journey, part 1

Cynthia Washington

My goal is to share ALL the knowledge I have obtained over the last nine years about hair, skin and nails with everyone who is "Mane conscious"!

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Keith Johnson, a desktop support technician for Tribune Technology, starts his hair journey here with all of ChicagoNow!  Keith made the decision to become more proactive and focus more attention on his mane.  In early 2004, Keith noticed his hair starting to get thinner but thought a good hair cut would solve this problem.  So off to the barber shop he went, after a smooth low cut, and a sharp edging with a straight razor,  he thought it would be all better... NOT!  Everything was great until the barber gave him the mirror for the "final check"  The front on point; left side - ooh yeah baby; right side too fly...then BAM the back and whoop there it's NOT!  Smack dab in the middle of his crown was a bald spot about the size of a dime.  Keith was shook to the core, what the heck is going on here?!?!

What was he going to do??  He was faced with something he'd seen other men go through, but it never occured to him that he would be facing thinning hair or baldness. By 2009, Keith's bald spot had expanded from a dime size bald spot to the size of a silver dollar.  Keith began to lose hope, because of time and the lack of information he felt that this was just the way things were destined to be.  But thank God for his product junkie (PJ) mane attentive friend, ChicagoNow blogger.  Cynthia Washington, aka Hairbloggger!  I also experienced a hair catastrophe in late 2007; a box hair color caused my hair to fall out, become thinner, and worst of all bald spots appeared in the crown of my mane.  After sharing my mishap with a dear friend Debra Jackson aka Doll (thanks sweetie) she told me about a product that was the rave on the Long hair care form. I hurried over and began to, search ALL entries related to these products.  I purchased my supply of the awesome product that the mane savvy women all had wonderful success with.  I faithfully used these products and tweaked my regiment to fit my hair type and SUCCESS I am living proof that it works.  So come on Keith's journey to get his swagger back and watch him, encourage him and see this miracle of hair regrowth take place.



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G-Man said:

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I'm ready to see this brotha rock that fro..go one with your bad self and get your swagger back!

Cynthia Washington said:


HA! G-Man you are to funny! Thanks for supporting Keith!

groovy said:

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All guys need some swagger, hair or not! Don't let that keep you down.

YoursTruly said:

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A lot of this is caused by the residual effect of testosterone breaking down in the body. This is a natural process but what testosterone does when it leaves the body is that it turns into a free radical and starts giving signals to "turn off" hair follicles. What he needs to do is work out a bit more, (even dog-walking will help,) and start taking the supplement Saw Palmetto Berry. I am convinced that Big Pharma will market things like Propecia (which is the synthetic version) but that medications are never fully tested on all types of people, so if you can get it through the natural sources, that would be better.

Also, Ambien causes hair loss. That stuff is nasty.


Cynthia Washington said:


Exercise and diet are defiantly key factors in one’s hair health. I know Keith get a good work out everyday walking around the Tribune Tower supporting tons of users on a daily bases. However, I think midnight (Keith’s dog) would welcome a weekly trek around the park (hint, hint). KJ Keep the faith, continue to follow the regimen I’ve given you, and soon you'll see new hair growth. Just hold on and be patient!


Bianca said:

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I don't care what anyone says bald is sexy. Work it!

Cynthia Washington said:


LOL I know right, my hubby is tall, bald and sexy!

Cindy R said:

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met him, he's all that!!!!

Cindy R said:

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This stuff is good for anyone’s hair. I’m a 55 year old, white cancer survivor. When Cynthia introduced me to these products I was taking maintenance chemo which was hiding the estrogen in my system so the cancer couldn’t find it. I was totally bald for over a year and when my hair came back it was REALLY thin. I started to use the products and within 2 months my hair started to thicken up. I will say that my hair grows faster than ever, I’m not necessarily interested in the length as much as the thickness. So Keith keep going and using the products.

One of the great things about these products is that they can be use by all people, they do not make my hair oily. They do add texture to my very baby fine, straight hair. My hair isn’t nearly as delicate as it was before the product use and it doesn’t break off and it’s really much thicker than it ever was.

Cynthia Washington said:


And they smell great too!

SharonM said:

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Per our conversion,

For the past 3 yrs of no chemical, I have two problems with my hair:
- My edges are too thin
- My scab is always dry

My hair very full and just the right shoulder length but my edges won’t grow. I wear a bonnie with drawstring at night. I have tried everything including Dr Miracle hair products. What smell great? or What product should I be using in the sunshine state?

Cynthia Washington said:


Ha! You are funny lady. First of all thank you for the EXCELLENT customer service Thursday night, you were great. SharonM know that I am a customer service junkie, and you delivered quality customer service. Therefore ten cool points for Trib Tech Florida, go Sharon!

Now down to the “mane” business :D, LEAVE DR. MIRACLE‘S PRODUCTS ALONE; a very harmful ingredient lurks in the mix, mineral oil which is a derivative of petroleum which is no good for anyone's hair or scalp. Toss ANY hair care products you have that contain mineral oil or petroleum in the ingredients. The only people benefiting from ingredients in products are the manufactures. Girl I am on the lookout for ALL the deceivers, I NOT ONLY READ LABELS, I READ THE INGREDENTS ALSO and I promise I will report back and tell all lol.

SharonM start by reading this informational article I ran across on the web, educate yourself on the harmful effects petroleum and mineral oil have on the scalp/skin. Do not forget to tell your friends and family as well. Thank God there are alternatives, such as shea butter and coconut oil. These all natural ingredients are excellent substitutes for petroleum and mineral oil.
Both shea butter and coconut oil can be used from head to toe. I’m the queen at whipping up my own concoctions’ and will be publishing a post about all natural products and recipes soon.

PLEASE, take a look at ALL the products you have on your shelf, flip’em over and read the ingredients, if you find mineral oil or petroleum in the ingredient mix get rid of it straight away. TELL all of your friends and family about your discovery so that they can protect their manes too!

Don’t forget to turn your bonnet inside out at night to keep the stretchy elastic from touching your hairline while you sleep. I will email the product information for your edges so that you can regain those lost strands!
It would be my pleasure to walk with you through your journey back to a “healthy happy mane”! Copy the link below into an internet browser window and read all about the harmful effects petroleum can potentially have on the scalp.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to the start of your journey to a healthy mane :)


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