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Why lesbians should care about Oprah

Gay women, I bet you're wondering why you should care about all of the Oprah hysteria. While your straight female counterparts that work in the cubicle next to you downtown might be straining for a sighting today on Michigan Ave., you probably roll your eyes and think "What has she done for me lately?"

Well, I am going to let you in on a little secret. No, Oprah is not a secret lesbian with Gayle (at least not that she's confirmed). But Oprah is a huge fan of the 'bos. A few months back, she dedicated not only an episode of her show to the topic of women who leave men for other women, but also a feature article in O Magazine.


Oprah has had openly gay slam poet Stacyann Chin on to talk about being a lesbian in Jamaica, and how being out in other parts of the world can be almost impossible. Then Jackie Warner came on to talk about women who are straight but have "girl crushes," and how every suburban mom in America wanted to do her after watching Work Out.

When it comes to being lesbian-friendly, my vote is for Oprah over Tyra any day. If you happen to see her strolling about by the Hancock today, give girlfriend a high five. She's Ellen-approved.




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Kathrin said:

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I get that she provides a platform for queer friendly voices, but her on gender, sexuality, and even race can be offensive at times. In fact, I think Oprah lacks considerable cultural sensitivity.

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