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The best bars to find lesbians on any given night

How many times have you heard "Why aren't there any lesbian bars in Chicago?" Listen, ladies, it's not just a Chicago-thing, believe me. Even in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, gay bars still stray toward the male side of things. Another L.A. lady bar just bit the dust this week.

And while we do have a lot of lesbian nights at both gay and straight clubs in the city, there are definitely a handful of places that you are likely to feel at home amongst at least a few other queer women on any given night of the week.

Perhaps the most obvious is T's (5025 N. Clark St.). An Andersonville neighborhood sports bar with a lot of fried food options, the $7 pints, Kelly Clarkson songs on the speakers and pool table are always friendly for gay females.


Another widely known lesbian hang is Stargaze (5419 N. Clark St.) which is a dive not too far north of T's. It has somewhat of a limited beer selection, but plenty of room for sitting, pool playing and a great beer garden. Going in the summer definitely has that advantage. Gather all your friends and have your own personal garden party while drinking PBR.

One of the longest-running lesbian bars in the city, Lost and Found, shut its doors last year, but it was replaced by Lizard's Liquid Lounge (3058 W. Irving Park Rd.), where many regulars still hang out to talk about days gone by. Get a history lesson and a beverage at this off-the-beaten path and spruced up spot with more live music, a dart league and other events.


Lincoln Square lesbians know that Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays is the best day to get tipsy and grab the microphone at Spyner's Pub for karaoke. The bar is also sponsor to several women's sporting teams, so it's the official hang out for many an athlete. There's also Free Pool Mondays and wine tastings the same day. What a great way to start out the week.

Boystown's The Closet (3325 N. Broadway St.) can be a mixed bag, but if the lesbians who tend the bar are serving up the drinks, you won't be the lonely lass. It's also a great 4 a.m. bar if you're looking for an after-hours joint to hear some Top 40 hits and embarass yourself in front of strangers.


Like I said the other day, Joie de Vine (1744 W. Balmoral Ave.) is one of my favorite places for a cocktail in the city, and there are always other gay women imbibing alongside me when I visit. Definitely a lesbian hangout.

If you're willing to take the green line out to Oak Park, The Velvet Rope (728 Lake St.) is a destination off-the-beaten-path. The first Monday of every month is a Singles Meet-Up and the first Sunday is Homopalooza with drag queens and kings and cabaret performances. It might be worth the trip.

Some other bars that can be worth a stop for gay women looking to see some others are @mosphere (5355 N. Clark Ave.), though I suggest stearing clear of nights with male strippers; Saturdays are best at Spin (800 W. Belmont Ave.); and mostly Thursdays are good for Berlin (954 W. Belmont Ave.).

Of course, there are one-off nights at other bars every week, which I'll definitely list for you in a separate post. I wouldn't want to overwhelm you! But now you armed with choices for nights when there's just "no lesbian bars in Chicago" to go to.



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Anna Pulley said:


I heart Joie de Vine - definitely my go-to for L Word screenings when T's became to spastic. Thanks for the list, Trish.

Kathrin said:

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There is one lesbian bar/club in Philadelphia - Sisters, and it is not a favored hang out. Philadelphia is another one of those male dominated markets. We've found other spots to hang out at - Chestnut Hill Coffee Co., various restaurants that support the LGBTQ community, people's homes, etc. We head to Woody's, Bump, Pure, etc., but that's not the same as having our own space.

It was great meeting you at BlogHer and thanks for posting a link to the TDP on your blogs.

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