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Ode To The Hawks

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Did that really happen two weeks ago? We really have a Championship team in Chicago? Those may be some of the questions that have been swirling around your head for the last 11 days but make no mistake about it, this dream is real. A total revival is what best describes the 2010 Blackhawks, not only did this team revive a long time loser of a franchise; they revived an entire sport across multiple states. The TV ratings for the decisive game 6 were 7.6 Million viewers, second only to "So you think you can dance" only proving that a lot of women watch primetime TV. Game 6 rated higher than any other Stanley Cup Finals game in this decade proving that Hockey is here to stay in Chicago.

I will be the first to admit that I bought my first Blackhawks shirt hours before Game 6, and yes, I am considered what is to be a "Bandwagon" fan. In my defense, my father never liked hockey and I never played hockey. When the Hawks made it to their last Stanley Cup Final before this one it was 1992 and I was too busy watching MJ tear up the Portland Trailblazers, by the time Jordan left the Bulls the Blackhawks were in complete disarray. My hat goes off to you Hawk fans who stood by your team through thick and thin, I'm a diehard Cubs fan so I know what it's like to stick by a team that constantly disappoints ever year, more like living through thin and thin.
There has been a lot of talk from the die-hards bashing the newbie's (See The Retar Crew) but as much as you loathe us, you need us. The fact the Cubs always sell out home games to overpay players is amazing, especially this year, the Hawks will never have that luxury, nothing against you die-hards but I'm not sure any team has what the Cubs have in (Stupid, Loyal, Loud, Crazy) fans.
I mentioned earlier that I never played or was raised on Hockey therefore I never really watched a continuous flow of well played Hockey, until last year. Once I started to watch quality hockey in HD, my sporting life changed forever, it's like I adopted a new child, one that deserves attention and love. The Blackhawks run this year could not have come at a better time for Chicago Sports fans, the baseball scene is dismal, basketball and football are painfully average and then you have the Blackhawks, a team that continuously fights from behind, talented, classy and best of all, they are Champions, something Chicagoan's view as important as life itself.

These 2010 Blackhawks have turned into Chicago's version of the Beatles, crazy fans mobbing them wherever they go, their every move reported on. Just a few days ago Patrick Kane was spotted checking out some new Lamborghinis and it made the nightly news. Rumor has it that Adam Burrish has been chosen to keep an eye on Kane to make sure his youth does not get the best of him, not sure I agree with the mentor appointed for the task but it makes for one hell of a story.
I don't know about you but I am definitely ready to fully Commit To The Indian in 2011.



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*dan bradley said:


Dude.. these are happy times and, to me, EVERYone is welcome aboard!

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