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Open Letter To Milton Bradley

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Dear Milton,

Now that Cub Nation and the rest of the world has had time to really let your all too long stay in Chicago sink in. Every good sound argument is made when time is given to reflect upon the happenings in question. Before we dig into some of your more current bone headed moves, lets take a look back:

Acquired by the Indians in 2000 you only lasted one year there, a theme that would be consistent through your career. The year after you were traded to the Indians and got into an argument with then Indians manager Eric Wedge, then shipped to the Dodgers. There, you got into an altercation with a fan in right field and took a water bottle and slammed it to the ground and taunted fans as you were ejected and took your jersey off before going into the clubhouse. After that you were traded to Oakland where only after two years, the Athletics designated you for assignment and shortly after the Padres picked you up. After a forgettable stint there the Rangers picked you up in 2008 and to your credit, you hit the cover off the ball only to get Cubs GM Jim Hendry all flustered about getting your left handed bat in the lineup and in return paid you $30,000,000 guaranteed over three years.
The day Hendry signed you I knew he made a mistake, with Abreau and Ibanez out there, he chose you? With the Cubs you could not hit, field or even at the very least, act your age. I'm not going to get into the exact numbers as I enjoyed my lunch and would not like to clean it up off the floor; yet you hit .257 and threw a ball into the bleachers with two outs in one inning. If anything in the world is worse than your play, it's your personality, attitude and general outlook on life.
You also had no shortage of words for the Chicago media, Cubs fans and Chicagoans in general saying, "No wonder they haven't won in 100 years." And added, "I felt like a prisoner in my own home there". The cherry on the cake is when you turned and played the race card like a coward to the Cubs fans and media.
Lets really dig into this race argument, when Marlon Byrd signed with the Cubs you decided to voice your concern to Byrd about the so-called KKK chapter in right field at Wrigley. Have you heard anything about racist remarks to Byrd thus far? The reason is Byrd hits, runs (dare I say sprints) out balls and keeps his mouth shut, something you have no idea how to do.
Cubs fans are racist? I have few names for you and some are flying from the foul poles: Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams, Andre Dawson and Derrick Lee. I know that you have a list of names to counter that argument: LaTroy Hawkins, Jacque Jones and you. Look at these names and tell me what is different about the two groups: the first group are Hall of Famers and your group is just awful. Now hopefully you understand that it has nothing to do with the color of your skin but rather your terrible play here. It's the same for all players Milton; remember when a fan ran on to the field and started yelling at Bob Howry or when Alex Gonzales booted a ground ball in game 6 of the 2003 NLCS?
Since the Mariners picked you up this season you have already flipped the bird on live TV to Rangers fans and had a temper tantrum with your new manager and told him "I am packing my stuff and leaving!"
I really have no idea how you still think you are being treated unfairly, the bottom line in baseball is that in the big markets, you produce or go home. I don't think you have the mental capacity or toughness to play in any city worth playing for.
You send the wrong message to children about how this game is supposed to be played and that may be your biggest crime yet. My suggestion is to start a new career as a thief, the way I see it you have been stealing money from MLB teams for a decade now.



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