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Cubs Show No Sign of Braking for Ugly Advertisements


In a move once seen as highly irregular, but becoming more common nowadays, the Chicago Cubs owners are on the verge of selling out. First, it was the Under Armor logos placed strategically on the outfield walls. Pretty distracting and noticeable--even to the common Cub's fan.

Then came the Captain Morgan Club placed not so strategically behind the hallowed statue of Harry Caray. This monstrosity of a bar juts awkwardly onto Addison Street from the historic stadium.

And now, the Cubs are considering going forward with one of the worst cases of poorly placed advertising imaginable. A 38 foot high, illuminated Toyota logo standing on the top of the left field bleachers--strategically placed right in front of the now infamous Horseshoe Casino rooftop logo. Although the Cubs' front office claims that they aren't placing the Toyota logo as means to block out the casino ad, you gotta think that it has something to do with it.
toyota sign wrigley.jpg

Even though this logo placement could provide additional revenue for the Chicago Cubs, I say you have to pass. When it all comes down to it, this would be defacing one of the most recognizable stadiums in Major League baseball. If the Cubs need more revenue, field a team that will actually win. You'll get more revenue from tickets, concessions, clothing and memorabilia. And you'll have much happier leagues of fans.

So Cubs, apply the brakes instead of accelerating with the Toyota logo.



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Mike Klotz said:


I don't give a damn if they put an ad for the Admiral in LF as long as it brings in money to sign talent. I am done with this ultra traditionalism at Wrigley. The fact of the matter is that there has been much more ads at Wrigley in the past 3 or 4 years than there has ever been. A Toyota ad is the least of my concerns. Shoot, if they can get enough cash together by putting up ads to A) fix the joint before it crumbles away and or B) get the Cubs a World Series, I don't give a damn about ads at Wrigley. Just no jumbotron and "Stand up and make some noise" prompts telling us when to cheer - that's where I draw the line.

jpirc said:


The thing is, the money probably isn't going to be used to sign talent for the Cubs. The revenue from the Toyota sign is probably going right to paying down the $800 million that the Rickett's family spent on the Cubs.

The Cubs' players' salaries total to $140,800,000. Only the Red Sox and the Yankees have higher total salaries, yet these two teams only have won 2 of the last 5 World Series. So the Cubs are putting enough money into salaries--that's not an issue. The issue is signing the right talent.

I would be more open to the idea of the Toyota logo if I knew where the money was going. If it was going to fix up Wrigley, I'd be for it. But if it's just going to paying down the $800 million, then no thanks--I'll pass.

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