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Bears Make Great Moves, Some Work Left Undone

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The equivalent of the 2010 NFL Draft has already come and gone, what you didn't hear? Bear Nation does not have to wait until late April to see a new and improved squad. I feel for younger fans who are new recruits to Bear Nation, they must think our front office prints their own money every offseason after the past two, long standing Bear fans know that the moves made in the last two bidding seasons have been unlike anything else in team history.
Acquiring Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna all in the same day instantly makes this club a playoff contender. No need to remind Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith that the potential of an NFL with no caps on team salaries.

Even with undoubtedly upgrading in three areas the Bears work should not be over if they are truly looking to be one of the final four teams alive in January 2011. They still need an offensive tackle, strong safety and wide receiver but don't worry; I have a plan to get one of them by a relatively easy move. They Bears should ship Jay Cutler's focal point Greg Olsen for a middle first or high second round pick in the upcoming draft for a few key reasons.
Greg Olsen can't run block plain and simple and you saw that in that evident in the decline of Matt Forte's production running the ball to the outside. Another key reason why Olsen should walk is that in the typical Mike Martz offense the tight end is not a top three receiving option and is used primarily to block, allowing them to spread the field with three or four receivers. Brandon Manumaleuna is a perfect fit for that scheme.
They would use that pick to grab a tackle or safety as picking up another inexperienced wide receiver does not act as an instant upgrade with the core they have now. A veteran presence is needed in the number one spot as Devin Hester will likely be moved back to special teams.
If the Bears grab a veteran OT and WR through free agency this team could be very dangerous especially with the Packers and Vikings getting picked apart by free agency thus far with Taylor going to the Bears and Kampan going to the Jaguars.
The Bears top brass have apparently adopted the business tactics of past failing corporations currently by spending now and asking questions later, who thinks Angelo and Lovie will be here if the 2010 season does not result in a playoff birth. The real question is, do you really care?



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IrishSweetness said:


The recent acquisitions don't instantly mean playoffs, far from it we are. The offensive line hasn't changed one bit and we don't have a free safety. No depth or height at receiver (other than Shabba)has us a long way from the playoffs and still third in the NFC North.

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