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Tuesday's with Tammy: The Flu Season from Apples to Vaccines

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Vaccines have become a hot topic in recent years. What's necessary, who should get what or not get this or that. There is a barrage of information and misinformation out there around this time of year concerning the Flu vaccine, but have you ever stopped to wonder, "Is this really necessary?" Today, Tammy talks about the wonders of our immune systems, why apples are awesome and provides some excellent research and resources for making a vaccine decision your own. So go wash your hands and read on for several tips and advice on staying well this season.

The Flu Season from Apples to Vaccines
Written by: Tamara Fana
Edited by: Rachel Wolfe

It is Flu season, or rather Flu-shot season. Today, I want to offer some tips and alternatives to avoiding the flu without having to have a needle stick in your arm. This popular vaccination seemed to spring up at every store, corner and gas station in the United States with the same message over and over, get your Flu shot to be healthy! But it's always a good idea to consider all the options before putting anything foreign into our bodies.   

Like many areas of health and medical science, doctors and other medical professionals just can't seem to reach an agreement on the Flue vaccine. From my studies and research, I've chosen to not partake in this vaccine, and I strongly encourage you to research this and all vaccines you're considering, learn where they come from and see the data on how well they work. The book, Read A Shot In the Dark by Harris L. Coulter, check out the Center for Disease Control's website learn the pros and cons then decide for yourself if it is worth $9.99 to inject your 80 year old mother or yourself with a vaccine.

We were born with amazing bodies that contain an even more amazing and complex immune system. Our mean, germ fighting machines, otherwise known as the immune system can flourish as long as we maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. My philosophy is that Flu prevention stems more from what you put in your mouth than what you put in your arm.

Here are a few things you can do to boost your immunity without sticking yourself with a waiting line, side-effect or a needle:

1.    Eat Apples. Flu season happens about the same time as apple season. Coincidence, I think not! After we dried out from the summer heat, here come the sweet juicy apples to cool us down, hydrate us and flush out the hot sticky gunck in our gut and lymphatic system. The hot sticky gunck is a perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, ick! Let a delicious remedy work for you. A sweet, local apple from the orchard is like a home grown cleaner. With Apples, it's important to GO LOCAL. Don't be buying your pec or barrels of apples from New Zealand, that is, unless you live in New Zealand!

2.    Probiotics. Dr. Norman Walker says that health begins in the colon. I can personally attest to this statement. We can fill our colon with healthy happy bacteria that will help break down our food and move things along as well as destroy the mean gross bacteria that's already there. The healthier our colon is, the clearer our mind become and the stronger our immune system can be to ward of this horrible flu! Here's a good place to purchase and learn about probiotics

3.    Sweat. Try to sweat everyday. A quick 20 minute cardio or a 90 minute Bikram Yoga session (which I highly recommend) will do. Not only will you detoxify your organs, but you'll also keep your circulatory and lymphatic system open and running to flush out the excess mucus, aka gunck and toxins, that have built up throughout the summer.

4.    Sleep On An Empty Stomach. Sleepy time is the time for your body to clean house. If your stomach's full of food when you lay your head down on that cool pillow, your cleaning party will have to wait until the next time your tummy is empty. When will that be? I think it's safe to assume that the average person NEVER has an empty stomach. Somehow having an empty stomach was deemed starvation and really bad, but it is actually wonderful thing when it comes to cleaning out your system while you sleep. If you refrain from eating at least two hours before bed, you will notice your sleep improve as well as your health. If you must have something, try a warm spicy herbal tea with a little honey.

5.    Don't Be Afraid. The Flu! The horrible Flu! Save the pregnant ladies! Your grandmas and your babies! People that fall into these categories, may be able to benefit from a Flu vaccination, but there is evidence that has led some medical scientists to believe ulcers, cancer, panic attacks and even the flu can all be traced to fear and worry if you go deep enough. Remember, don't be afraid to research and find out information for yourself.
BONUS: Reishi Mushroom. This is a super powerful herb that boosts the immune system as well as your entire well being. You can read it's long list of benefits here  Purchase it here or

Ok, so worst case scenario. Say you get the flu. Maybe you needed to. Your body might be craving a vacation from the hot crazy summer. Our bodies are awesome but sometimes it's idea of a vacation may not be the what you had in mind. So if you do get the flu, don't blame your body and rush out to find a "quick fix." Just listen to your body, stay at home and give it a rest.

Love and Health,

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