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Inspired by Einstein: Monday Morning Mantra and The Continuum Conundrum

Albert Einstein was not only a brilliant scientist but also pretty great poet. The man wasn't conventional, thankfully, but he certainly did have an intellectually interesting approach to life situations. In regard to feelings versus intellect, this morning let's consider a few words on feeling, thinking and the continuum conundrum.

Feelings are wonderful things, but we must also keep those balanced with purposeful thoughts. Einstein's quote, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving," inspired the thinking behind this morning's mantra.


Möbius strip, drawing by Emily-Jane Dawson

Think of a time when you were going along in life and things were actually just peachy. Everything was fine. While waiting for the other shoe to drop isn't a particularly healthy habit to form, we all know that eventually we're going to stumble upon a glitch, a hang-up or mishap, if you will. Does that mean we're not on the right path or taking the right steps toward the goal we're after? Not at all. Think of the mobius strip; it keeps going and going, circling back as it moves forward. Life is much this way. So next time you're on the part of the cross or experience a bump in the road, remind yourself:

A set-back is merely a hoop on a forward moving path. Moving forward means circling back, reevaluate then advance. Simply hop through and onward to the future.


Now for a little mobius strip fun: How moving forward makes hoops and how we will certainly circle back on our path. Now go zone out to a nice relaxing screen saver for a few minutes. Enjoy!

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