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Monday Morning Mantra: The Trap Door of Opportunity

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Opportunity doesn't always knock or open a window for us. Sometimes we fall right into it. That trap door is right beneath you everywhere you go. Try to not get caught up in the thinking trap believing this is yet another thing to watch out for. This door in the floor is the biggest blessing we've been ignoring.

Excessive caution often keeps us needlessly looking in both directions, looking outside of ourselves for guidelines, obligations and ultimately like a small child running around with soap in the eyes.

Sure, looking both ways before crossing the street is a generally advisable action to take, but when a constant on-guard approach enters our daily life we find even more obstacles than a few cars. Money, work, time, schedules, all these constraints we set up for ourselves just take more energy to dodge and we're left with a whole lot of excuses and feelings of powerlessness. When good things do come along, when the trap door beneath us opens up, it becomes the kind of opportunity we blame fate for.

I hope this morning's mantra will bring some lightness to your step and help you find the opportunity you were looking all around for, instead, right beneath your feet.

Pitter-pat, this and that, caution is for crossing streets. From the beginning 'til the end, underneath and deeper in, live with the flow, opportunity is always beneath my feet. With this one truth I know, certainty and happy are sure to follow me wherever I may go.

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