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Cell phone dangers- finally hitting network news

I've been banging the drum about the dangers of cell phone use since my blog began.  On this day, June 17th- the anniversary of my Dad's death from brain tumors- I want you to watch and pass on this video to everyone you love.  Scientific studies prove that brain tumors rise 40 percent if you use cell phones daily for a decade.  Get informed, dammit!

The push for cell phone warnings on packaging

I recently was forwarded an article about a Maine politician pushing to get warnings posted on the packaging of cell phones warning about the radiation dangers of over exposure.  So why aren't more people talking about this?  Because just like with tobacco giants- people are afraid to tattle on these companies- I mean there's MONEY to be made- so why care about exposing people to cancer?
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Could using intuition be the next wave of healthcare?

I've had the pleasure of interviewing best selling author Dr. Judith Orloff several times.  She is a medical professional who also happens to be an intuitive healer.  When she was growing up, her parents didn't encourage her gifts so she would "fit in".  Now, she's "out of the closet" so to speak, and encouraging others to tap in to their "Second Sight".
Thumbnail image for Second-Sight-Cover.Judith_Orloff.jpg
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Are your kids gifted or intuitive? You are not alone!

Do your kids have imaginary friends?  Maybe they get anxious in crowded places?  Do they walk on their tip-toes?  Maybe they even talk to dead people?  Then you need to be at the Wilmette Theatre tonight for a very important event.
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Are there any "spiritual" meeting groups in Chicago?

An email from a reader:

Dear Jen-

I was raised in Catholic schools and I'm not practicing Catholicism anymore because I feel there is too much judgment.  I spent my childhood around mean nuns and bitter priests that should never have been around kids to begin with.  As a baby boomer, I'm trying to find a group that will be welcoming to my evolving beliefs.  I don't want something that is "Christ" based- or really steeped in any religion at all.  I am just looking for a group that talks about the 'after life' with an open mind.  Any ideas? 

From- A "Recovering Catholic"
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If you THINK about getting some- you just might!

Did you know that just THINKING about someone you really dig can actually cause them to have a physical reaction?  This isn't my "woo-woo" stuff talking either, there's actual research behind it.
Gatorade Duel - Race 1
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Dreams from dead people

Every have a dream of someone you loved?  Is it vivid?  Well, according to all the "I see dead people" experts I've interviewed, that's actually a "visitation".

Dad kissing me on my wedding day

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More judgments

Trying to go through my day still without judging- and I got all rattled after getting a note from a friend.  She was ripping on a friend of mine and I got this sick feeling in my stomach.  Why do some people have to think they are better than others?

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Psychic predictions from a 3 year old

A few weeks ago, my brother Rafer was getting the feeling that his soon to be born son was coming early.  While the baby's due date was Nov 19th, in early November, my brother had a hunch it wouldn't take that long.  My 3 year old son Britt, however, begged to differ.

Uncle Rafer with his nephew Britt

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The end of the rose experiment

I wanted to update everyone on the status of my roses.  They were going strong for nearly three long weeks- amazing considering that most cut flowers from the grocery store last just a few days.  And as you can see- the "positive energy" has left the building...

_Device Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00181.jpg

my dead flowers

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Positive energy and nice words keep flowers alive

So it's been two weeks since my husband bought me these flowers.  Normally they
would be dead within a week- but I decided to do a little experiment to help them live longer.
Seems to be working!
_Device Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00174.jpg
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How to stop your baby from crying

My brother Rafer and his wife Tiffany are about to have a baby.  Whenever someone you know dives into this adventure, you want to arm them with as much information as possible.  For me- I never would have survived without learning how to calm my baby from crying- and that knowledge came from the dvd "The Happiest Baby on the Block."
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Positive energy and the life of plants

I've long been a believer that words and thoughts have energy.  Did you ever think that you could make plants or flowers last longer by being nice to them?  Sounds a little nutso, but I gave this experiment a shot.
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More haunted sites in Chicago

I know Halloween is over, but that doesn't mean you have to stop ghost hunting.  Did you know there are a couple of bars in Chicago known for their persistent hauntings? The Excalibur and what used to be the Red Lion Pub.

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Al Capone still haunts from the grave

So we're getting closer to Halloween- are you hearing things go bump in the night?  Any ghost sightings?  I've got a ghost story for you about Al Capone.  And considering that I didn't believe in ghosts before I started writing about this stuff- this one will scare the crap out of you.
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The top 5 foods to help fend off the flu

I am a big believer that your diet affects your health. It's part of being a spiritual warrior.  (Kind of like giving your car a tune up.  If you never change the oil- are you really running on all cylinders?)  So what should you have in your fridge during this FLU EPIDEMIC? 
I'm going to share with you five simple things that will increase your bodies immune system.  While it is NO GUARANTEE it will prevent you from getting any flu virus- it IS going to help you stay healthy by feeding your body nutrients it so desperately needs.
Black Garlic
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More ghost stories for Halloween

My son was talking again in his room at "nothing..." And to my surprise, he was chatting it up with another dead relative.  Just in time for Halloween- here's a ghost story that might not be as startling as "Paranormal Activity"- but it could make your hair stand on end...
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I am not a Doctor!

Here's a newsflash... I am not a Doctor, and I've never claimed to be one.  Titles I do feel comfortable with?  Mother.  Former Journalist turned Author.  Spiritual Warrior.  I write a blog where I express my "spiritual" opinion, and I give voice to stories that don't get main stream attention...What you do with that information is your choice.  
Doctors For Patient Care Hold "Million Med March" To Capitol Hill
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More Doctor's against the swine flu shot

I stumbled upon a video interview with a retired neurosurgeon named Dr. Russell Blaylock.  He lists his concerns about an adjuvant in the swine flu vaccine called squalene, which has been shown to paralyze animals and cause brain malfunctions.
Health Care Workers And Kids Receive 1st Wave Of H1N1 Vaccinations
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Chemtrails are cause for concern

Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen a trail?  Maybe you think it's vapors from a plane..but if you look closely- they don't go away.  I saw one in the sky the other day and took this picture.  And there is growing concern that these lingering trails are actually poisonous chemicals being dropped onto the public.

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Guess who got the flu?

So with all this talk about flu shots- I found myself a little under the weather over the past week.  I went to the Doctor yesterday and discovered that I wasn't just tired.  I had the flu.  And guess what?? I survived.
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Expert says swine flu vaccine rushed to market

I don't usually watch Fox News- but I was sent a link to an interview showing an expert on infectious diseases saying that he would NOT give the H1N1 vaccine to his kids. Why?  Because it was rushed to market, and has preservatives linked to autism.
Clinic Offers Drive Thru Flu Shots
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More signs from the other side

I think dead people are chatting with us and watching over us all the time.  Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with grief that we miss the signs.  Other times, we are caught up in our logical minds, that we just call them "coincidences."  So when I found out that my friend Randy Rogers wrote about book about how we are all connected, and his transformation from news man to understanding the meaning of life, I couldn't wait to write about it. 
Brazilian Christian Pilgrims Baptised In River Jordan
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Flu death numbers exaggerated by Center for Disease Control

So why is the "spiritual" lady writing about flu shots again?  Many people on a spiritual path are choosing NOT to vaccinate their children or themselves because of mounting research that it does more harm than good.  Here's some more evidence to get that pot stirred up...Free Pictures | acobox.com
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BPA is bad for everyone- not just babies

So there's been a movement of sorts to get baby bottles made without the chemical BPA- or Bisphenal A- because of it's potential risks for your child's brain development.  But it turns out adult exposure to BPA is also quite dangerous, and those levels are much higher than previously estimated.
Jessica Alba, baby Honor Marie and Cash Warren happily stroll through New York
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Music therapy heals the soul

If you are down in the dumps or not feeling like yourself- don't go reaching for the anti-depressants.  Try your i-pod instead.  Yes- that's right- music is a proven form of therapy and it could be just what you need to get the pep back in your step.Playing the Building: An Installation by David Byrne - Photocall
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Communication troubles? Blame it on Mercury!

If you haven't noticed- you might be experiencing computer glitches, car troubles, or communication meltdowns. It's not the economy, or your cable provider.  It's outer space.Earths Moon is seen from the Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-128
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Cooking with olive oil at high heat levels can be toxic

Like most Americans, I have adopted the concept that the first step to healthy cooking is to use extra virgin olive oil.  We hear about this from just about every chef on The Food Network, and Rachel Ray starts almost every dish by drizzling her "E-V-O-O" in the pan.  But did you know that heating olive oil is actually toxic?


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