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Hey Parents- get off your cell phone at dinner!!

I like to have a "date night" with my son at least once a week.  Whether we hit a deli or go for Chinese, I always love spending time with my little man one on one.  This means, no phone calls, and giving him my complete focus for about an hour.  It's something we both look forward to.  

So why is it so hard for other folks to get on the bandwagon?

Thumbnail image for eating chips.jpg
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Rielle Hunter gives spiritual warriors a bad name

I was driving home from work yesterday and I got an email from someone telling me I had to watch the Oprah interview with Rielle Hunter- John Edward's mistress.  

"She says she's spiritual- but really- she's so full of it!"  The email said.

So I watched the re-run at 11pm last night.  I still feel sick to my stomach.

Rielle Hunter.jpg
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Mary Schmich's article is right on...

I was excited when I got an email from Tribune columnist Mary Schmich yesterday.

"I'm writing a column on the dearth of women in Chicago talk radio and just stumbled on your recent blog item on it..."

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Fart jokes on WLS Radio- I rest my case...

Yesterday, I wrote about my frustrations with the demise of talk radio in Chicago- that no women are hosting shows on the top rated talk stations in this city.  I received tons of emails in support from upset females around town agreeing with me.  "Women are thirsty for content that makes a difference and not monologues about Tiger Wood's mistresses or fart jokes," I said.

Then as if on cue- I was driving home from the city yesterday and I heard 23 minutes of talk about farts on WLS.
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Hey Chicago radio bosses- what do you have against women?

I am a lifelong Chicago broadcaster who tries to be supportive of the local media.  But lately- the demise of talk radio in this town has me wondering one thing:  What do the men who run these stations have against vaginas?
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Don't take it personally!!

So I recently put in my facebook status, "If I have so many friends, why have only 127 people read my blog in the last few days?"  I was kind of amazed at the message I received from one of them, accusing me of being a "one-sided" friend.

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Could using intuition be the next wave of healthcare?

I've had the pleasure of interviewing best selling author Dr. Judith Orloff several times.  She is a medical professional who also happens to be an intuitive healer.  When she was growing up, her parents didn't encourage her gifts so she would "fit in".  Now, she's "out of the closet" so to speak, and encouraging others to tap in to their "Second Sight".
Thumbnail image for Second-Sight-Cover.Judith_Orloff.jpg
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Write your kids a letter- NOW!

Today, my son turns four.  It's hard to imagine my life without him.  I told him that many times today, all to be told, "Move Mommy- I need my fiyah twuck!"

So in this digital age- where everything is texted and tweeted- I am going to take a minute to write him a note.  I will print it up and put it somewhere safe for him to read someday.  I suggest you do the same...
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Are your kids gifted or intuitive? You are not alone!

Do your kids have imaginary friends?  Maybe they get anxious in crowded places?  Do they walk on their tip-toes?  Maybe they even talk to dead people?  Then you need to be at the Wilmette Theatre tonight for a very important event.
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Holy week can be dangerous, dammit!

On this "holy week"- I'm staying busy with the usual:  Snacking on chocolate, enjoying the warm weather and trying to figure out what the hell a bunny has to do with the birth of Jesus.  But today- my good mood was briefly dampened by a snotty twenty-something who almost killed me.

Kew Launch Their New Treehouse Towers Play Area With An Easter Egg Hunt
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Real friendships survive political differences

I had a talk the other night where I interviewed Richard Roeper at the Wilmette Theater.  Rich is pretty vocal in his column about his liberal beliefs- which is why I was surprised when my very Republican friend Ann said she wanted to come and meet him.

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Wednesdays with Weigel launches March 24th

When I spoke at the Wilmette Theater in January with medium Therese Rowley, we had a sold out crowd.  So now, I'm blessed to be asked back every month.  

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Give up control- and "allow"...

I was talking to a friend yesterday who was having a rough day- computer troubles- work concerns- kid birthday parties stress.... basic life stuff.  I too was worried about things.  Mainly trying to get my son up for school.  We haven't been able to get him ready for school lately without having to issue several "time-outs".  (Some people talk about "the terrible two's- but for us, it's been "the terrible three's"!)  And with the time change- I was sure he would be tired and confrontational.  

As I plopped in to bed, I looked up at the ceiling before grabbing one of my 20 woo-woo books from my night stand and said, "What do I need to hear?" 

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Addicted to psychics? Get a grip!

A letter from a reader...

Dear Jen:

I am wondering if you can recommend some psychics for me?  I have been using them for years, and I haven't had much luck with my "usual suspects", as they say.  Could you tell me- out of all the people you've interviewed- who is worth calling or visiting?  I am really looking for some advice in my career and love life.


Lost in Westmont
Bewitching Attractions Draw Visitors To Salem
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If you THINK about getting some- you just might!

Did you know that just THINKING about someone you really dig can actually cause them to have a physical reaction?  This isn't my "woo-woo" stuff talking either, there's actual research behind it.
Gatorade Duel - Race 1
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Jesus likes dancing

My last post about God loving everyone, even exotic dancers- generated this response from someone with the name "Heisthelight"...

Nuns pray in the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem
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God loves you- even if you're a stripper

An email to share from a reader...

"Dear Jen-

I wanted to ask you a question about judgment.  I was raised Catholic, and feel guilty about everything.  I am a single mom and because of this tough economy, I have had to resort to getting a second job dancing for a strip club.  Does that mean I'm going to hell?

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Positive attitude a good reminder during winter blues

It's January in Chicago.  Ick.  It's cold, and snowing and most of us have broken our resolutions. Lots of people get depressed, or feel down.   So what could possibly motivate us to feel better?  How about choosing to be happy?

NHL Winter Classic Media Briefing
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"Avatar" is spiritual, dammit!

We've all heard the debate- people with too much spare time are trying to find faults with the theme of Avatar.  So I had to check it out for myself and see what all the hype was about.  
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Dear Abby meets "I'm Spiritual Dammit.."

I got a note tonight on facebook from a reader who wanted to know "Where can a good girl find a guy who won't take her for granted?"  I've never been asked about relationships advice- but I do know from interviewing lots of spiritual guru's that when you're LOOKING for love- something is missing inside.

Kate Walsh and Neil Andrea Give Each Other a Big Kiss
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Three words for Brit Hume: Shut your yap!

Incase you missed it- the Fox News analyst Brit Hume has put his uptight nose where it doesn't belong.  This time- he's telling Tiger Woods to embrace Christianity.

Oh Jesus!!!
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Jesus drove a Cadillac!

What if Jesus was a rich dude?  Seriously, I'm not just throwing out a hypothetical scenario to upset the Christian community, there are a slew of folks who think this is actually the case.  Thanks to a recent story from CNN, one pastor says there are enough clues in the bible to prove it.

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Hilarious church signs

Just in time for that whole birth of Jesus thing- let's take a look at some funny church signs to lighten our mood.  These actually exist, so have a good laugh and pass them on.  And remember- God loves you, even if you swear at him, dammit!

Gallery sneak peek (17 images):

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Three things you need to know this holiday season

If you want to be spiritual for the holidays, I have a couple of ground rules...  They're pretty simple and I've already seen several people I know and love break them.  Of course, in my attempt not to judge for the month of December, I am torn whether or not to share... but for now, I will say this is guidance...and not judgment..  (You buying this?  Cuz I'm not sure that I am..)

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Eating bananas feeds VIOLENCE!

I always thought that eating bananas was good for me.  I feed them to my son all the time.  They are supposed to be filled with nutrients- low in calories.. the "perfect" food.  As a "spiritual" mom, I will never be able to buy another banana now that I know how many people die to bring them to my Chicago grocery store. 
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Is judgment acceptable if someone's in danger?

I would like to make an amendment to my "no judging" challenge.  If you put someone's life at risk- then not only should you be judged- you need to be STOPPED!  
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More judgments

Trying to go through my day still without judging- and I got all rattled after getting a note from a friend.  She was ripping on a friend of mine and I got this sick feeling in my stomach.  Why do some people have to think they are better than others?

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The judging challenge continues

I put out a challenge last week on vocalo.org asking people to stop judging for the month of December.  It's their "Month of Faith".  I figured- since Jesus said not to "judge"- let's see how many people can follow the word of the guy they say they worship.  I thought it would be do-able.  But after just a few days- I'm embarrassed to say that I officially suck at this.
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Can you stop judging others for a month?

I've been asked to take part in vocalo.org's "Month on Faith" by issuing a challenge to my readers and the vocalo listeners.  This challenge doesn't have to be specific to any particular faith- (which is good, because I am a combo platter..) and should make others want to share their experiences.  

Several Florida Churches Forced To Consolidate Due To Budget Constraints
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Best Thanksgiving Movie Ever

So if you are sitting around scratching your stretch marks today and want something to watch that will make you laugh- you can't go wrong with "Home for the Holidays."
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Psychic predictions from a 3 year old

A few weeks ago, my brother Rafer was getting the feeling that his soon to be born son was coming early.  While the baby's due date was Nov 19th, in early November, my brother had a hunch it wouldn't take that long.  My 3 year old son Britt, however, begged to differ.

Uncle Rafer with his nephew Britt

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Kids STILL say the darndest things

My son is at it again.  I've written before about the inappropriate phrases that have accidentally flown out of his mouth in public.  Well now, he's cracking us up at home too.  

my son Britt

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Jesus lovers need to be more loving

I was driving the other day behind a car with about four different Jesus themed bumper stickers.  Everything from "Honk if You Love Jesus" to "Jesus Saves."  Since this person obviously holds Christianity close to their heart, I was shocked when I saw them act...well...less than "Jesus-y".
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Positive energy and nice words keep flowers alive

So it's been two weeks since my husband bought me these flowers.  Normally they
would be dead within a week- but I decided to do a little experiment to help them live longer.
Seems to be working!
_Device Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00174.jpg
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How to stop your baby from crying

My brother Rafer and his wife Tiffany are about to have a baby.  Whenever someone you know dives into this adventure, you want to arm them with as much information as possible.  For me- I never would have survived without learning how to calm my baby from crying- and that knowledge came from the dvd "The Happiest Baby on the Block."
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Positive energy and the life of plants

I've long been a believer that words and thoughts have energy.  Did you ever think that you could make plants or flowers last longer by being nice to them?  Sounds a little nutso, but I gave this experiment a shot.
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The top 5 foods to help fend off the flu

I am a big believer that your diet affects your health. It's part of being a spiritual warrior.  (Kind of like giving your car a tune up.  If you never change the oil- are you really running on all cylinders?)  So what should you have in your fridge during this FLU EPIDEMIC? 
I'm going to share with you five simple things that will increase your bodies immune system.  While it is NO GUARANTEE it will prevent you from getting any flu virus- it IS going to help you stay healthy by feeding your body nutrients it so desperately needs.
Black Garlic
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The Ghost of Michael Jackson on Larry King Live?

There's a lot of talk that Michael Jackson is haunting "Neverland".  But the video that is circulating from an interview on CNN is definitely not ghostly...
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More signs from the other side

I think dead people are chatting with us and watching over us all the time.  Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with grief that we miss the signs.  Other times, we are caught up in our logical minds, that we just call them "coincidences."  So when I found out that my friend Randy Rogers wrote about book about how we are all connected, and his transformation from news man to understanding the meaning of life, I couldn't wait to write about it. 
Brazilian Christian Pilgrims Baptised In River Jordan
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Dear Oprah and Xm Radio: Your subscribers deserve a refund

I am just curious- but does Oprah Winfrey listen to her own radio station?  If she does, how can a woman with such high standards for television and her magazine possibly be okay with the train wreck that has become XM 156?  For a woman who is known for "walking her talk"- I think the message boards on Oprah.com tell a very different story.
The Oprah Winfrey Show: Fridays Live From New York
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Don't bitch when it's free

I had the pleasure of meeting many Chicagonow.com readers yesterday at Blogapalooza.  But I have to ask- is it spiritual to complain about the free spread?
Bravo's "Top Chef: The Tour"
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Kids say the darndest things

I have a three year old who is just starting to talk.  If you've been through this, you know that every day is a new adventure in their discoveries.  So yesterday, I had a moment that I found so hilarious, I wish I could freeze time.  But since I can't, I'll write about it instead.
Thumbnail image for 0409090946.jpg

My son Britt saying "cheese"

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Anchor drops f-bomb on the air

One of the greatest things about live television is that....well...it's LIVE.  There is no seven second delay like you have in radio.  So if someone drops an f-bomb on the air, then thousands of people will hear it.  I doubt it's ever happened to pro such as Diane Sawyer, but for an anchor man from Fox 5 in New York- he's got some explaining to do...The Friars Club Roast Of Matt Lauer
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Supporting theater is spiritual, dammit!

Earlier this week I blogged about music and how it heals the soul.  I mentioned going to see the musical High Fidelity, which is now playing at Piper's Alley- but I didn't really get to elaborate on how kick-ass the show really is- so here we go....

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Who's the real "jackass"?!

Kanye West unabashedly drinking a bottle of Hennessy on the red carpet while girlfriend Amber Rose posed for photos - is this the cause of his outburst at the VMAs? So President Obama is in hot water because he made an off the record comment about Kanye West.  While the President should know that anything he says can and probably will be broadcast to the masses, the person we should all be ashamed of is the one who did the tattling. (Or should I say, "tweeting".)
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Brain tumor risks increase with cell phone use

Hilary Duff shoots cell phone scene on set of Gossip Girl in NYCThe evidence is in...Cell phones aren't as safe as you thought they were.  So why are we just starting to hear about this now? 
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Lingerie Football hits Chicago

Women will be taking another step backwards today when the Chicago Bliss kick off their season tonight at the Sears Center Arena.  What would a "Bliss" be?  A female lingerie football team.  (And I thought prancing around on stage in a swimsuit and heels was bad?) Bodog.com Lingerie Bowl Media Day
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Miss Universe might be fixed?? Say it isn't SO!

I got sent a link today for an interview with the Miss Universe choreographer Michael Schwandt.  In this interview, he reveals...(wait for it....wait for it....) that The Miss Universe Pageant isn't necessarily following the rules when it comes to picking a winner.  

Well- knock me over with a feather!
Miss Universe and Miss USA at the Top of the Rock in New York
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Evanston native goes Hollywood

Eighth Annual AFI Awards - ArrivalsI don't usually get star struck.  It's just not part of my wiring.  But there is one actor who hails from Evanston that seems to make me speechless, and I wish there was something I could do about it.

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The pageant controversy continues

I've gotten quite a few comments from people in response to my post where I shared my experience as a contestant in Miss Illinois.  I've been called everything from a "loser" to a "sore loser".  I really don't think I'm any of these things... but read this post, and then you be the judge.

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Eat what you want and stay thin

Okay- I know with that headline you might be wondering if I've lost my mind- but I am here to tell you that you CAN eat anything you want, and stay thin....without throwing up- working out for hours a day, or counting your calories.  Crazy?  Not even close.  It's the spiritual way to getting in shape, and I'm determined to spread the word.
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Who reads tabloids? Everybody!

I am at the Sacramento airport waiting for my flight back to Chicago and I just went to the newsstand to get some reading material.  What did I buy?  What everyone else did...smut!Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Melbourne, Australia
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Customer service is not dead!

Are you wondering how to survive in this crazy economic climate?  Well- for starters- you need great customer service.  I'm not talking about a smile- you better go that extra mile- or I won't spend my dollars with you- and I know I'm not alone.Service Sector Index, Including Restaurant Industry, Posts Large Declines
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Psychic or coincidence?

Phychic sign , downtown Chicago

Image by Larry Miller via Flickr

Have you ever had a major deja-vu- or found yourself thinking about someone, all to run into them later? I blogged about kids with unusual paranormal abilities last week- but what about grown ups?
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How to get rich

If you're looking for the key to having unlimited abundance- apparently the answer is easy:
You just have to give away your money.
St Petersburg Economic Forum begins
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Giving to charities? How much is going to the cause?

So yesterday I blogged about a guy who pissed me off because he didn't give a buck at Petco for homeless animals.  It's been brought to my attention that I should consider a few more angles before chalking him up to being a total cheapskate.  Drew Barrymore films scenes in NYC for Going The Distance
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Everyone can afford to give ONE DOLLAR to charity

I was at the Petco in Skokie the other day buying dog food when I was faced with a dilemma:
How do I stay "spiritual" when the guy in front of me in line is being greedy?
Actress Sara Paxton films scenes from the Beautiful Life in the East Village, NYC
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What if there were no Hell?

So here's something to wrap your head around...All that talk of Hell, and "being cast into the lake of fire because of your sin..."  well- what if I told you that was all just a p.r. campaign to get you to go to church?  
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Are your kids psychic?

Have you ever seen your child talking to the wall?  Do you make excuses for their behavior by telling people it must be their "imaginary friend"?  Chances are, you have a highly intuitive child- and you are definitely not alone.
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John Hughes was a genius

For anyone who was a teen in the 80's- you can't deny the impact of a John Hughes movie.  He knew how to verbalize the thoughts and desires of a teenager better than most. And now, I am shocked to be grieving the loss of his untimely death.36th AFI Life Achievement Award - Audience

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Need parking karma? Start by being spiritual, dammit!

I was reading Theresa Carter's blog The Local Tourist this morning about where people should park in Chicago.  I recently shared some of my own experiences about this very topic in my blog last week.  While it's great to know where all the parking garages are, I feel you can take advantage of the many street spaces available.  You just have to know how to order them.

Mooners were few and far between during the 30th annual mooning of the trains, as the police presence was heightened significantly from last year
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Cooking with olive oil at high heat levels can be toxic

Like most Americans, I have adopted the concept that the first step to healthy cooking is to use extra virgin olive oil.  We hear about this from just about every chef on The Food Network, and Rachel Ray starts almost every dish by drizzling her "E-V-O-O" in the pan.  But did you know that heating olive oil is actually toxic?


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