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Summer Solstice great time to de-clutter

The beginning of summer, or the Summer Solstice is a very spiritual time of year.  Many feel it signifies starting anew, or a time of healing.  Others claim it's the perfect opportunity to get realigned and say "out with the old, and in with the new."  

For me- it meant, "Time to clean out the garage!"

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Look for signs in nature

I have been seeing a lot of Blue Jays lately.  That's not usually my bird.  Those who have read my first book know that the Cardinal has been my feathered friend for years.  When I'm feeling down, a Cardinal swoops in front of me.  If I'm missing my Dad, I hear a Cardinal outside my window.  So why have these blue beauties been showing up in my life?  I decided to do some research to find out. 
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Addicted to psychics? Get a grip!

A letter from a reader...

Dear Jen:

I am wondering if you can recommend some psychics for me?  I have been using them for years, and I haven't had much luck with my "usual suspects", as they say.  Could you tell me- out of all the people you've interviewed- who is worth calling or visiting?  I am really looking for some advice in my career and love life.


Lost in Westmont
Bewitching Attractions Draw Visitors To Salem
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Dreams from dead people

Every have a dream of someone you loved?  Is it vivid?  Well, according to all the "I see dead people" experts I've interviewed, that's actually a "visitation".

Dad kissing me on my wedding day

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More signs from the other side

I think dead people are chatting with us and watching over us all the time.  Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with grief that we miss the signs.  Other times, we are caught up in our logical minds, that we just call them "coincidences."  So when I found out that my friend Randy Rogers wrote about book about how we are all connected, and his transformation from news man to understanding the meaning of life, I couldn't wait to write about it. 
Brazilian Christian Pilgrims Baptised In River Jordan
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Communication troubles? Blame it on Mercury!

If you haven't noticed- you might be experiencing computer glitches, car troubles, or communication meltdowns. It's not the economy, or your cable provider.  It's outer space.Earths Moon is seen from the Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-128
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