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The push for cell phone warnings on packaging

I recently was forwarded an article about a Maine politician pushing to get warnings posted on the packaging of cell phones warning about the radiation dangers of over exposure.  So why aren't more people talking about this?  Because just like with tobacco giants- people are afraid to tattle on these companies- I mean there's MONEY to be made- so why care about exposing people to cancer?

As a spiritual warrior- I feel a responsibility to help the voices get on the table that are ignored.  As a journalist- it makes me sick when the news business ignores certain stories because they aren't considered "mainstream" or "popular".  We can hear about Tiger Woods not making the cut in a golf tournament, and yet we don't get informed about something like this.  Why?  

I've written about this topic before.  My dad died of a brain tumor at the age of 56.  He used a cell phone more than anyone on the planet.  There are plenty of people who use cell phones who haven't died of cancer- but again- just like with cigarettes- some people are more prone to develop tumors than others.  

I recently had a conversation with someone who knows a scientist that was fired from one of the big phone companies because he wouldn't lie about the dangers of cell phone use in their published studies.  They have warnings on cell phones in Europe- so why not have them here?  
There are many articles on the subject that show the dangers- especially on Mercola.com.  Lots of people call Mercola a "quack"- but I do find some interesting articles on his site that no other media outlet will touch.  Type "cell phone dangers" into the search bar and get enlightened.  If you're too lazy and want the footnotes- here you go:  The safest way to use a cell phone is by texting, or putting it on speaker and keeping it 4 feet from your head.  This is what I do with mine.  I never hold it to my ear.  If you have a child that has a cell phone- you better explain these rules.  It's like smoking without inhaling.  Don't hold the phone to your head.  Ever.  Brain cancer has now surpassed leukemia as the number one cancer killer in children.  Scientists also found that those who wore cell phones on their hip had decreased bone density in the pelvic region.  

So if you want to pass this article on- help us get some awareness about these risks.  Scientists complained about smoking risks in the 30's and 40's and nobody listened.  Forty years later, people were still smoking on airplanes.  

How many people have to die for the world to get the memo?



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elena said:

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do you know whether the risk is lowered by using a headset / earbud?

Jen Weigel said:


depends on the ear bud- less than having the phone on your head- but check out mercola for more on that...

elena said:

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he has a special ear tube there, but i don't see a listing for blackberry compatibility...will have to keep researching it!
thanks chica.

caf31570 said:

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Jen the problem is larger than we could imagine. Search Full Signal movie. When these companies net in the billions, they own lawmakers. We are just test subjects. This problem also includes cell towers within feet of our homes. Search Magda Havas for eye opener.

republicanblack said:

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Since this article had to mention Tiger I have to say, this hullabaloo could have been a circus!!! It's better condoms than prison socks (if u know what I mean), one of those tramps could have said Tiger forced and tossed em. But he handled it well -- even paying off some of those hussies. These interviews kinda hurt him, but not as much as it could have because he had a secret tactic, which worked well for him, check out the story


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