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Laughing baby cures everything

I reconnected with an old friend recently, and she told me that thing that helped her through a very rough patch was Monty Python's Flying Circus.  

"Laughter is the best healer," she said.

She's so right.

While I love "silly walks" just about as much as anyone- I'm finding that the trigger for me is my son's giggle.  It literally gives me a smile automatically.  I found a video of my son Britt when we visited my brother Rafer 2 years ago.  I'm posting it below because no matter what you have on your plate today, just a few seconds of baby hysterics will make you happy- if even for a moment.

So watch- laugh- and enjoy your kids- because before you know it, they go from lounging in Huggies, to running in Spiderman underpants.  And pass it on to anyone you think might need a boost today.



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