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Write your kids a letter- NOW!

Today, my son turns four.  It's hard to imagine my life without him.  I told him that many times today, all to be told, "Move Mommy- I need my fiyah twuck!"

So in this digital age- where everything is texted and tweeted- I am going to take a minute to write him a note.  I will print it up and put it somewhere safe for him to read someday.  I suggest you do the same...
I tell people to do this every day.  We forget how important a parent's approval is in our daily life.  Rather than focus on what they can do BETTER- why not tell them what they are doing well NOW?  

I wondered for years how my Dad felt about me.  After he died, I was searching for answers.  And then, on the day my first book was being sent to the printers- a hand written letter from him dropped from a box as I was cleaning out a closet.  A literal "gift" fell from the sky- and all the questions I had about how my Dad felt about me were answered.  It is now the "afterward" in my first book.

Why did he write a letter in the middle of the week when he could have just picked up the phone and called me?  Who knows.  Did he somehow know he would die at the young age of 56?  Was he feeling guilty for always working so hard, and not being around for those daily moments like dinner in front of "Wheel of Fortune" or going to mall to see a John Hughes movie?  All I know is it's amazing to have a letter that lets me know just how much he cared- even if he didn't always show it.

So- do yourself a favor.  Write down a few sentences today to someone you love.  Not in a tweet or on someone's facebook wall.  Get a good old fashioned piece of paper out and dop it in the mail, or put it in an envelope for them to have on a later date.  

I guarantee you they will be glad that you decided to open up.  You will give them a real genuine item they can cherish....




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ISABEL said:


I love this idea! I'm going to write a note to my kids right now!!

jesscongdon said:

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Last year I bought 2 small notebooks, one for my son and one for my daughter. I keep them in a drawer by the bed. My intention was to write a short letter to each one of them a couple times a week before I go to bed. I regret that I haven't written anything in the notebooks yet and even forgot I had them. Thanks for reminding me Jen, I am getting a pen right now and I will write something down!!!!

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