I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Holy week can be dangerous, dammit!

On this "holy week"- I'm staying busy with the usual:  Snacking on chocolate, enjoying the warm weather and trying to figure out what the hell a bunny has to do with the birth of Jesus.  But today- my good mood was briefly dampened by a snotty twenty-something who almost killed me.

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I decided to go for a jog through my neighborhood, and just as I was nearing the turn of my 'half-way' point, I saw a white van approach the intersection.  He had a stop sign, but I could tell he wasn't noticing.  That's because he was texting.  As he got closer, I tried to get his attention.  



"Hey!" I screamed, as he literally missed hitting my leg by about two inches.

He slammed on the breaks.

"Whatever," he said, barely looking up from his phone.

"Whatever?!" I gasped.  "Watch where you're driving!" 

He put down his phone, looked at me, and yelled, 

"Suck my dick, bitch!"

Really?  But we hardly know each other...

He put the 'pedal to the metal' and peeled away.

Not only did this little shit almost run me over- but he took no responsibility for his actions, and then chose a classy retort to boot..

His parents must be so proud.

I won't let it ruin my day.  I'm sharing this with you so you can tell it to your kids- so they don't make the same mistake.  I have had about 6 near death experiences thanks to the young driver who is texting.  

If you have a kid who is between the ages of 16-25, I guarantee you they are driving and texting.  They may lie and say they aren't- but they are.  I know you've seen them too- because they are everywhere.  The highway- the side streets.  You can't escape these irresponsible dopes no matter how hard you try.  Sometimes you do it too- and think "just this once..."  Admit it.

So during the rest of this "holy week" do yourselves a favor.... keep your eyes on the road-   treat others the way you'd like to be treated- and try not to yell "suck my dick" at anybody. 
(Unless of course it's your spouse, and it's been a while..... Then that's a whole other blog, dammit!)



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Susan Blumberg-Kason said:


Wow, you're so calm compared to how I'd be if someone said that to me--after he almost killed me! What's wrong with people? Wouldn't it be nice if people didn't even need a 'holy week' to remind them to be decent human beings. Well, in this case, even a week didn't do this guy any good. Glad to hear you were okay and can have a sense of humor about it.

Chicago Vince said:


"I'm staying busy with the usual...trying to figure out what the hell a bunny has to do with the birth of Jesus."

Actually, he has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus, that would be the old, fat, bearded guy in the red suit who breaks into your house. The bunny has to do with the death of Jesus.

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