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Fart jokes on WLS Radio- I rest my case...

Yesterday, I wrote about my frustrations with the demise of talk radio in Chicago- that no women are hosting shows on the top rated talk stations in this city.  I received tons of emails in support from upset females around town agreeing with me.  "Women are thirsty for content that makes a difference and not monologues about Tiger Wood's mistresses or fart jokes," I said.

Then as if on cue- I was driving home from the city yesterday and I heard 23 minutes of talk about farts on WLS.

I listen to Roe Conn and Richard Roeper whenever I'm driving home in the afternoons.  I like them together, and usually enjoy their show (which is a very new pairing by the way..)  So I was surprised to hear them discussing flatulence for almost a half an hour yesterday.  

It started with wondering whether Rahm Emanuel farted during an interview with Charlie Rose.  The video is below.  Sounds like he rips one to me.  I'm fine with them mentioning it for five minutes- but why 23?  Then, they went on to discuss Larry King's odorous issues, and the fart jokes kept coming.  

Finally- Roe said, "The tweeters are turning on us- they are saying 'isn't there more to discuss than farting?'"  To which Christina Filiaggi said, "Those are the women, by the way.  The men are still sending in more jokes."  

Too true.

So let's not use our 50 thousand watt stations to discuss stinky gas for so long, okay gentlemen?  And to Drew Hayes who programs WLS- will you please hire a chick to host a show?  Anyone with boobs and a broadcasting background would help get you more listeners because we all are looking for someone to represent issues that matter to US- and not fart jokes.  You used to at least have Women of Mass Discussion on the weekends...and now?  Nada.  Remember- we make up more than half the population, okay?  Give us a voice too.



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Lindaku said:

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Yes, Jen I heard that awful "boys club" joke and was tired of it 1 minute after it started! Let's get on with worthwhile topics!
I would love to hear you on the radio again by the way! We do need women to get back on the airwaves!
We bring softness and real topics and high ratings to radio shows!
Let's do what we can to get Kathy and Judy back on or you or someone who likes to listen and discuss good topics!

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