I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Economy is booming again- so why isn't this news?

I was amazed when I met with my financial advisor a couple of weeks ago and she said, "Your investments did very well this quarter."

"Excuse me?" I said, shocked.

"Yes- the economy is recovering nicely."

So why isn't anyone on the news talking about it???

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My biggest reason for leaving the news business was because they focus on everything that's wrong in the world.  Nowhere in the "how to report the news" playbook does it say that "news" should be The suckiest thing that happens, making all viewers not want to leave the house.

Why is this always the case?

"People don't care about fluff", I was told.

Well, this morning, I opened USA Today- and on the front page of the money section is an article titled, "Economists say recovery looks strong".  In the story, it says "retail sales climbed at a 10.1% annualized rate the past three months, highest in four years."

Did you hear that FOX News?  HIGHEST IN FOUR YEARS..

That ain't fluff.  This is bigger news than Arizona and the immigrants.  This is bigger than Whitney Houston slurring at her concert in London.  So why isn't it being plastered all over the cable news networks as I flip through the channels?

Because that would mean that Obama is doing something right.  

So spread the word, my spiritual warriors.  2010 is going well.  As I write this- the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 38 points at 11242.82.  Let's remember to talk about what's working in the world, and not dwell on the negative, dammit!     



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