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Could using intuition be the next wave of healthcare?

I've had the pleasure of interviewing best selling author Dr. Judith Orloff several times.  She is a medical professional who also happens to be an intuitive healer.  When she was growing up, her parents didn't encourage her gifts so she would "fit in".  Now, she's "out of the closet" so to speak, and encouraging others to tap in to their "Second Sight".
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The first book of Judith's that changed my life was "Positive Energy".  She talks about energy vampires- and how people in our lives can literally suck the life out of us if we don't protect ourselves.  We all know people like this, right?  All they do is complain, and by the time we hang up the phone after one conversation, we are completely exhausted. 

I recently got an email from Judith where she sent me a link to an interview she did with Dr. Oz.  She mentioned that as a child, she could predict things such as earthquakes or deaths in the family, and her family's reaction?

Don't mention this to anyone!

Judith hails from a medical family- both her parents were Doctors, and there were 25 physicians in her family.  Because she was never encouraged, and also overly sensitive, she turned to drugs as a teenager to escape.  Her parents wanted her to be mainstream, and all she wanted to be was herself.

Today, Judith combines her medical background with her intuition, and has a very successful practice.  She says that this combination is the new wave of healthcare.  She is an author, public speaker, and highly respected healer- both medically and intuitively.  (I'd say that "coming out" has worked out, wouldn't you?)  

In my second book which comes out in September- I interview several "intuitive" adults who are totally hiding their gifts because of their worries about judgment.  One man was a firefighter who has been able to see dead people since he was 6.  Another, a computer programmer who sees aura's and energy fields- yet won't even tell his wife for fear that she'll run screaming from the room.  These men are full of angst and resentment.  All because they are "different".

We need to celebrate our gifted and intuitive community and stop thinking it's weird or different.  We can change the tide.  Tell your sensitive child that they are not DIS-ordered, but incredibly intelligent.  Yes, they might be wired a little differently than Mommy and Daddy, but there is a whole community of people out there just like them.  And one of them- Dr. Orloff- is writing lots of books about it.

So listen to this interview with Judith- get enlightened, and pass it on to anyone you know with an intuitive child.  

Together- we can help re-write the play book....and realize these gifts will help change the world.



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Eantonucci said:

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Great advice Jen, what good is being granted the gift if you don't share it with others! It is something that has taken me a couple years to fully understand and realize but it is so true! Love reading all your blogs, they make me feel so good :-)

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