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The Healthcare debate- would Jesus be covered?

I recently had a friend tell me he is "De-Friending" any of his friends on facebook if they are FOR this Healthcare Bill.  I'm sure we've all had people we know forward us emails to sway us to their beliefs.  So how do we handle this?  What is the answer?  How can I stay "spiritual" when I want to punch some of these people out?
The real kicker was the email I received from a Republican friend of mine; 

"Now we have to pay for all the low life losers who don't work," he wrote.

So now I'm a "low life loser"?  

I am a freelance writer/producer.  So is my husband.  Our health plan is a "disaster" plan- which means 5,000 deductible.  I pay out of pocket for every visit.  We can't have a second child because we don't have insurance that would cover this.  I wrote about a pregnancy scare that got me doing the math on how much it would cost to have a kid.  I'd have to pay at least 25 grand- but now that I've asked around, it'd be more like 60 thousand.  (I had a C-Section the first time around, and only a handful of Doctors will do regular births after you've had a C-Section.)  Do you have 60 grand handy?  I sure don't!  

So I am tempted to yell at my so-called friend who labels everyone in the less fortunate bracket as a "loser".  But I'm also trying to be a Spiritual Warrior.  

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What would Jesus do?

Here's something to consider:  Jesus wouldn't be insured under today's structure.  He hung out with the poor, remember?  So if we just say everyone who hangs out with the poor shouldn't be helped- then you are saying we should turn our backs on Jesus, I guess.



So now back to my concerns about MY coverage...I have back pain and can't get an MRI to find out why because that would run me 4 grand.  I can't get a mammogram for the same reason, and both of my Grandmother's had breast cancer.  

The problem with today's world is that there are a lot of people like me who are lost in the shuffle.  

So what do we do?  

First step - we have to stop screaming at each other.  We have to stop making this Bill "The End of America as we know it."  Let's get a little perspective here.  There are worse things in life like terrorism or the death of a loved one.  (Remember the good old days when Swine Flu was all we talked about??)  

Do you know how to fix this?  Run for President then and fix it.  Do you know how I can get affordable coverage that includes Doctor visits and pregnancy?  Oh- I know- if I could just get a job with a big company that has benefits, this would all be okay, right?  So far- no luck with that.  

So I guess I'm just one of those low life losers....I'd much rather be in the company of Jesus than Rush Limbaugh.

Until we stop making this so "Black and White" we will get nowhere.  There's a lot of hard working grey out there... 

And the grey suffers too.




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AjaibR said:

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Anyone that really thinks that suddenly we're gonna have to pay for "low life losers" is pretty out of touch with reality.

Don't we already eventually pay for people that can't afford good health coverage? When someone without coverage ends up really sick and goes to Cook County Hospital, who pays? We do!

I'd much rather pay a bit more in taxes now for a bit of preventative medical attention than have it turn into a more serious condition.

I hope this means you can now go get a few things checked out! It's a tragedy that we could be so selfish as to deprive you of that care.

elena said:

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i haven't had comprehensive health coverage in about 6 or 7 years. i have that same disaster type plan that you mention (only i'm pretty sure my deductible is $7500).
i work really hard but i have chosen a profession that does not pay or include benefits. i struggle with my decision all the time, and any time i get sick i also get depressed because of the position i've put myself in. however, i know from experience that those jobs with the big companies will kill my spirit faster than a cold or the flu.
so although i don't trust that this healthcare "reform" is actually going to help me, i am very hopeful. and i don't think i'm a low life loser either.

Susan Blumberg-Kason said:


If someone wants to unfriend me because I support health care reform, let 'em. I've heard the same thing from people I like and care about: "I don't want to pay for others." Well, welcome to the USA. We were founded as an immigrant nation, where people helped one another out (remember Thanksgiving? Well, maybe that's not a good example, what with small pox and all) and we thrived with competition. So now the health insurance agencies get to experience a little of that competition and some on the right are crying that the president is socialist and unAmerican. I advised my husband's cousin last night on FB to brush up on Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. If people actually educated themselves a little, a lot of this would be a moot point, I'm sure. Of course, people like Beck, Palin, and Limbaugh wouldn't be the millionaires they are now...

sulla said:

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Here here, Jen!

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