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God loves sinners- even Tiger Woods

A comment from a reader-

Dear Jen,

i agree that only God has the right to judge a woman who is an exotic
dancer. And He loves her just as He loves me or you. However, the fact
still stands that she is causing other people-her brothers in Christ-to
sin. When the 10 Commandments say not to commit adultery, He also means
lust (Matthew 5:28). Disobeying one of the 10 Commandments is sinning.
Is it better to cause one of your brothers to sin than to commit a sin
yourself? I believe it's worse to knowingly cause someone else to


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Dear Brittany-

Here' the thing that you need to wrap your head around.... Nobody CAUSES someone else to do anything.  We all have free will.  Just because some chick is shaking her booty in front of you, does not mean you have to reach out and sample the merchandise.  You have a choice in life.  To blame others for your actions is not only lazy, it's irresponsible.

I recently was out with a friend who told me that a man "made" her feel so guilty.  He was crabby and anxious and wanted her to hurry.  So his attitude ruined her afternoon.

"He was such a jerk.  He made me feel awful," she said.  

"Did you do anything to this man?"  I asked.

"No" she said.

"You didn't say anything mean or harm him in any way?"  I asked.

"I'd never met him before in my life," she said.

"Then you CHOSE to feel guilty.  He was just being a jerk and you decided to let it make you feel bad.  Don't take it on.  You have a choice.  Choose to do what is best for you..."

So back to your comments in regards to my blog about the exotic dancer.  I get that you are a big Christ fan.  So am I.  But you are like those other Christians who sit back and cross your arms wagging your finger judging the world.  Stop it.  That doesn't help.  Nobody can "cause someone else to stumble."  Only we can choose our actions.  Tiger wasn't forced to sleep with 13 different women he didn't marry.  He chose to do so.  (Again and again and again...)

Blaming the dancer is the lazy way out of taking responsibility for your choices.  We see this all the time with the religious crowd.  'The Devil made me do it,' or 'I was forced into a life of sin..'  Don't drag the Devil into this.  He didn't do anything here either.  (I've already written about how there is no hell- and that the Devil was just another image conjured up by the Catholic church to get everyone to go to mass.. Nothing like a large dose of fear and guilt to get you out of the house..)

So don't blame someone's indiscretions on the ladies with nice tits and let's try to love our "brothers"- faults and all, shall we?

And have a great day, dammit!




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KATHY said:

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Hi Jen

I believe alto like you, I am a christain and have a relationship with him. But how could other christains think God does not love Tiger Woods and pole dancers???????????????????? They just dont know God.........they keep God and Christ in the binder of a book. HE is bigger and there is more to HIM than what is contained in the bible.........................I found that out myself, I dont go to chruch any more..............that does not make me good or bad, I just dont like man man religion and all their useless rules...................I am not religious, I just love God and his son................................who loves us all............

elevate29 said:

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Hey Jen,

I would have to disagree with you on the comment that no one causes another to stumble. In fact, I can think of two place in the bible where we are admonished along these lines. But, I prefer to not turn this into a bible. War. I would say that it is not wisdom to do anything that could cause your brother to fall. That is a stumbling block. Some folks are weaker than others. Putting a drink in front of an alcoholic knowing that he struggles with that disease is an example. Why would you want to do that?

On the other hand, you bring up a great point on free will. We have the choice, dont we.

Oh, and by the way, I would love to discuss your merits on hell not being real. That is quite intriguing.

I like taffy as well.

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