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A letter from a reader...

Dear Jen:

I am wondering if you can recommend some psychics for me?  I have been using them for years, and I haven't had much luck with my "usual suspects", as they say.  Could you tell me- out of all the people you've interviewed- who is worth calling or visiting?  I am really looking for some advice in my career and love life.


Lost in Westmont
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Dear Lost in Westmont-

I really can't stand people like you.  Maybe because you remind me of me 10 years ago.  If you are depending on a psychic to dictate your every move, you need a shrink and not a psychic.  

Yes this may sound like a contradiction because I interviewed several intuitives and mediums.  I was depressed when my Dad died 10 years ago and wanted to talk to him- so I went on a quest and wrote about it.  (We all grieve differently, right?)  

What I can tell you is this; even the psychics don't want to hear from you every week.  They really don't.  I remember one psychic telling me about some clients who'd become obsessed with her counsel.  "It can do more harm than good if you need to call a psychic for everything.  I love to help people, but some people forget to think for themselves," she said.  "It's kind of sad."

Kind of???!!

Here's the thing- we all have intuition.  Every single one of us.  The only way it gets stronger is to use it more often- it's like building a muscle.  If you have someone else doing your intuitive thinking for you, you're not only lazy, your stupid.  (Stupid because that's money you could spend on other things.) It's like going to the gym and asking the hot trainer to lift all the weights for you.  (This is way more fun to watch of course, but again- you're not going to get any stronger by having them do all the reps, people...)

I'm saying this because I lived it.  When I was in my grief period over my Dad's passing- I interviewed a ton of psychics.  Some told me things that did actually happen.  Many of them did not.  I met a couple of mediums that knew things I can't explain.  Others were total misfires.  (If you're curious, read my book- cuz I'm not going into it here....)  

What I also know now after living through this journey is that if I just get quiet and listen inside, I will be given the answer I'm seeking.  Whether it's through an instinct, or a call from a friend- somehow clarity always shows up.  You have to open your mind to the possibility that the answer is inside you.  Not in an 800 number.   

So now back to your question.  I do think there are some genuine people out there with a skill that I can't explain- (and I'm a JOURNALIST who was a skeptic to begin with, okay?)   Those that I feel are worth your time would be Denise Guzzardo out of Rockford, Martie Hughes from Lilydale, and Therese Rowley from Chicago.  All of them I interviewed for my first book.  None of them work for psychic hotlines.  They are all unique, genuinely good people- and they are NOT out to rip you off.  

But even they will tell you that the answers you're looking for lie within you.  If you DO call them- do it because you are curious, and not because you can't leave the house without it.

So take a deep breath, and go for a walk.  You just might get some answers.  (If anything, you'll get some fresh air.)  

And if I find out that you start calling these people once a week in hopes that they solve all of your problems, I'm going to come after you and slap you silly, dammit! 




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