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Jesus likes dancing

My last post about God loving everyone, even exotic dancers- generated this response from someone with the name "Heisthelight"...

Nuns pray in the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem

Jesus told the prostitute "Go and sin no more". He does love all people. The guilty feelings are the conviction upon one's heart by the Holy Spirit when they sin. Those who think this lifestyle is OK according to God are completely wrong.  Sin and Jesus can not live side by side in a persons heart. Deliberate repeated sin means you need to get right with the Lord.

Dear- "Heisthelight"-

Where does it say in the Bible that dancing is a sin?  Didn't you see "Footloose" with Kevin Bacon?  If you did, you might remember where he goes to the town hall meeting, Bible in hand, and throws out quotes such as-  "And they danced.."

See- you are judging this woman because she is an exotic dancer.  If you read my full post, she says she doesn't drink, do drugs, sleep around- all the things you super religious folks find to be "sins".  God blessed her with a cute fanny and some nice boobs, so she is using that to put food on her table, not to sin.

And here's another thing to remember- and please pass this on to your other Bible loving friends:  That book you hold and read- well, it wasn't written down- or actually chiseled onto templates- until at least 80 years after Jesus died. (Some scholars say 100 actually..)  If you really think that every single phrase and word that we read today was an exact quote from Jesus himself, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.  I have no doubts that Jesus was an amazing dude, but you see how stories get translated in today's news- CNN and Fox can report the same event- with two very different versions.  (Imagine how things worked before email?!)  

A Roman Catholic Priest told me- "God does not judge.  Only man judges.  Those parts of the Bible were added later to put fear into man so they wouldn't stop going to church."

So- considering you are a big Jesus fan- how about spreading the love to others rather than pointing fingers?  Just for a day, try not to "frown down" at people who are different than you.  Remove "I'm right and they are wrong" from your head.  This is tough- because I tried it for a month, and barely lasted a day... But when it DID actually stick, I found it to be quite free-ing.  

And do yourself a favor and go dancing this weekend.  With or without a stripper pole- you just might enjoy yourself.  And that's not a sin, dammit!



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elena said:

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Jesus may have told a prostitute not to sin, but that doesn't translate to someone who is working hard to make a living. I'm pretty sure that work is not a sin.

Sarah Koz said:


High five Jen.

Sarah Koz said:


Also, only God can judge me, not some blog reader.

brittany said:

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i agree that only God has the right to judge a woman who is an exotic dancer. And He loves her just as He loves me or you. However, the fact still stands that she is causing other people-her brothers in Christ-to sin. When the 10 Commandments say not to commit adultery, He also means lust (Matthew 5:28). Disobeying one of the 10 Commandments is sinning. Is it better to cause one of your brothers to sin than to commit a sin yourself? I believe it's worse to knowingly cause someone else to stumble.

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