I'm Spiritual, Dammit

If you THINK about getting some- you just might!

Did you know that just THINKING about someone you really dig can actually cause them to have a physical reaction?  This isn't my "woo-woo" stuff talking either, there's actual research behind it.
Gatorade Duel - Race 1

At the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a study was done on 36 couples.  Some had been married for decades, and others for just months.  One person from each couple was isolated in a separate room with no ability to see or talk to their partner.  Those in isolation were then hooked up to various monitors- measuring everything from brain scans to sweat glands.  (They only measured the unconscious nervous system, which one does not control.)

The other partner was then taken to a room and asked to think "up close and personal" thoughts in ten second bursts for thirty minutes.  The goal was to see if the "receiver" would have a reaction when the "sender" thought those loving feelings.  

Results showed that within 2 seconds of the "sender" going into lust mode, the "receiver" had a noticeable reaction.  From an increase of blood flow, to major brain wave activity, every single one of them responded.  Chances of this happening were 135,000 to 1,

I read about this in the book Fingerprints of God- The Search for the Science of Spirituality.  It was written by a reporter for National Public Radio named Barbara Bradley Hagerty.  I've always believed our thoughts have power- but this shows they can have a physical reaction on someone else.  (And the "hubba-hubba" kind, too!) 

So this Valentine's Day, pull a Jedi mind trick on your honey and get that blood pumping.  

It might even help you get lucky, dammit!



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hairbo said:

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If this were really true, I would have gotten a lot more action in high school.

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