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God loves you- even if you're a stripper

An email to share from a reader...

"Dear Jen-

I wanted to ask you a question about judgment.  I was raised Catholic, and feel guilty about everything.  I am a single mom and because of this tough economy, I have had to resort to getting a second job dancing for a strip club.  Does that mean I'm going to hell?


...I never expected to be a dancer.  The father of my son left me and my family doesn't talk to me because I got pregnant before I was married.  I was blessed with a nice figure, and someone suggested I dance because the money is good.

Now I put food on the table, but every single day- I feel like God is frowning on my choices.  I don't drink.  I don't do drugs.  I don't sleep around.  Yet because I happen to walk around in a g-string for a paycheck, I am worried I'll burn in hell.  

I know you interviewed a lot of guru's- and to be honest- I don't have the energy to read when I get home.  It's kind of amazing that I even read YOUR book, but it didn't feel like a book- because I laughed a lot.  Anyways, thanks for taking the time to answer this if you can.  I really appreciate it.

'Dancing in the burbs'  

Poledancing For Fitness
Dear 'Dancing in the burbs',

I am sorry you have such guilt for your choices.  I know after several interviews with not only gurus but Catholic priests, that man judges a lot more than God.  You sound like a dedicated mom with some annoying family members who are lost in a system of punishment and repetition.  Wouldn't it be amazing If they took a minute to feel your love, rather than point a finger from the front pew of church?  I believe we all do the best we can in every moment.  And that God loves you....even if you're dangling from a stripper pole.

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Sarah Koz said:


I like to remember that Jesus hung out with prostitutes and he didn't judge them. Good for you for making a tough choice for you and your family, a lot of women would be too afraid to get on stage. You're beautiful!

masini said:

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And this is a job. God loves us all. Our actions we qualify. But some people striperii not depraved. They are dancing and entertainment. That is all.

Heisthelight said:

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Jesus told the prostitute "Go and sin no more". He does love all people. The guilty feelings are the conviction upon one's heart by the Holy Spirit when they sin. Those who think this lifestyle is OK according to God are completely wrong. If you believe He is the God who created the heavens and the earth and if you believe He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, yet you think you have to act like a prostitute because He won't provide all of your needs your relationship with Him is not built on rock. All who say they know Him and think sin is OK needs to know that Jesus said, "Many will say Lord,Lord and I will say away from me you evil doers. I never knew you." Sin and Jesus can not live side by side in a persons heart. Deliberate repeated sin means you need to get right with the Lord.

Sarah Koz said:


Damn, that was awesome!

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