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Can clearing energy help sell a house?

A letter from a reader-

Dear Jen-

I have had my house on the market for two years, and despite dropping the price WAY below it's worth, removing all clutter, re-painting the rooms per my realtor's request, and changing realtors several times, we are still unable to sell.  One of my friends suggested I contact a medium to "clear the energy" of my house, but I don't even know what that means.  I know you have interviewed a lot of mediums and psychics.  Do you have any recommendations?

Desperate on the Northshore

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Dear Desperate on the Northsore,

I do believe that homes take on the energy of their owners.  Ever go over to a total crab- asses house, and you just want to leave immediately?  Or how about arriving at a dinner party and you can sense the hosts just had a fight?  Often, a buyer will pick up on lingering energy in a house the moment they walk through the front door.

One of the mediums I interviewed in my first book said homes won't sell because sometimes the owners are tied to a period in their life when their career was going well, or when their marriage thrived.  Now they are out of work, or getting divorced, and letting go of that home would mean letting go of all those positive memories.  They are in denial that things have changed, and subconsciously, they are sabotaging the sale of their own house.  They also might be so mad that they are getting divorced or that they lost their job, that they don't want anyone else to take what they feel is theirs.  Their anger or resentment, the mediums say, is blocking the sale.

Then of course there are homes with actual ghosts.  One businessman had a house where the spirits were literally throwing glasses across the room.  He didn't believe in ANY of this woo-woo stuff- yet he still called a medium who claimed she talked those spirits "into the light".  His house sold in 2 weeks.  

"I don't know what she did- but the hauntings stopped," he said.  "That's all that matters.."

When I bought my house- it was a foreclosure that had been abandoned for 6 months.  You could feel the whole place was just filled with sadness.  I called a woman I know who cleared spaces- and she came over with her kit.  It was pretty harmless- some sea salt, sage, and white candles.  She spent several hours walking through the rooms doing her thing. 

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The only real down side was our house smelled like sage for about 3 days- (which is incredibly similar to pot, fyi- so if you have an aversion to weed, don't do this...)  But I did feel like the home was less depressed- as strange as this may sound.

So if you've already spent tons of money on painting, planting statues of saints in your yard, and God knows what else, I say give an energy clearer a try.  What do you have to lose?  (Other than that second mortgage payment that's weighing you down??)

And let me know what happens so I can tell the other readers.  




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