I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Three words for Brit Hume: Shut your yap!

Incase you missed it- the Fox News analyst Brit Hume has put his uptight nose where it doesn't belong.  This time- he's telling Tiger Woods to embrace Christianity.

Oh Jesus!!!

When talking about Tiger's Buddhist faith, Brit said, "I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith- and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world."

Ok- this is where I need to unload.  Mr. Hume- you OBVIOUSLY have no knowledge of the Buddhist faith at all- so it's best to shut up when you are completely ignorant about a subject. 

But since you and your staff at Fox didn't bother to do any actual journalistic research before you opened your mouth, I will enlighten you.  The way of the Buddhist is to STAY PRESENT AND BE LOVE.  That's it.  No judgments, no reactions, just BE LOVE.  To quote the Buddha Dharma Education Association website, a Buddhist's philosophy is to 1.  Lead a moral life.  2.  Be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and 3.  Develop wisdom and understanding.

So tell me this Brit- how does that not help Tiger?  How is Jesus a better fit?  But even more importantly- why is it ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS??!!

So- as you can tell, my "no judgment" challenge is now over and I can go back to making fun of people who say stupid things. 

And God help Brit when he learns that the prophet Muhammad was actually a very peaceful guy too.  So much so that there's an entire book written about the similarities between Muhammad and Jesus.  Here's one of Muhammad's quotes: "All human creatures are God's children, and those dearest to God are the ones who treat His children kindly."

Sounds a lot like Christ or Buddha to me.  But we won't be hearing that on Fox News, dammit!



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myfotoproject.blogspot.com said:


You chose a good subject to leave your "no judgment" challenge - kudos!

Susan Blumberg-Kason said:


Way to put him in his place. Buddhist countries are some of the most peaceful countries, including Thailand, where Tiger Woods' mother came from.

Lil'Put13 said:

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While I agree with you that Brit Hume should keep his mouth shut, please remember that what he said was his own opinion, not that of Fox News, he did not make those comments in the capacity of a Fox News journalist. The comments were offensive and narrow-minded, but your reaction to the comment isn't much less so. When Katie Couric expresses an opinion, do you automatically think it's because she works for a liberal mainstream media outlet? A true journalist should never express their personal opinion to the general public, unfortunately, with the passing of Walter Cronkite, I fear there are no true journalists left. There is a difference between news journlism and opinion writers, personal opinion seems to be taking an increasingly larger role in the conveyance of the news.

Sunshine37 said:

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CBS is liberal? How so?

Sunshine37 said:

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I agree that Brit Humes comment(s) telling Tiger Woods to embrace Christianity and give up his Buddhist faith was truly over the top. But, that is typical Brit Hume and really, just about all of the commentators on Fox. I can no longer watch that channel.
I am a Lutheran and would not like someone to tell me to become a Baptist in order to clean up my life. The religion of Woods isn't the problem (although I am not versed in his faith). Just as Islam isn't perverse, but those who think it is the only true faith, cause people to go nuts in the name of faith, so too is a man who uses his platform as a news commentator to claim that his particular religion is superior to another's beliefs. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who profess to be Christians that don't lead the life that Christ taught his followers.
Hume is pandering to Fox viewers who blindly believe in commentators like Hume, Hannity and Beck, no matter how outrageous or off base are their comments.

Matt said:

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Tiger should commit to Christianity when Fox commits to Journalism.

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