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Positive attitude a good reminder during winter blues

It's January in Chicago.  Ick.  It's cold, and snowing and most of us have broken our resolutions. Lots of people get depressed, or feel down.   So what could possibly motivate us to feel better?  How about choosing to be happy?

NHL Winter Classic Media Briefing

I was at the gym yesterday, and the list of "to-do's" started rolling through my mind.  The more I thought about this list, the worse I started to feel.

This day sucks.

I looked up and saw the woman who was cleaning the bathrooms.  I immediately started feeling sorry for her, like she needed my pity or something.

At least I'm not cleaning toilets.

Before I knew it, another lady came up to the woman who was cleaning and started talking to her.

"How are you today?"  She asked the cleaning lady who was now scrubbing the shower floor.

She put down her scrub brush, smiled and said, "I'm glorious."

Glorious?  Who says 'glorious'?

The thing is, she really meant it too.  Her answer was not only surprising, it was a great reality check.  We think we have problems with our spouses, or our kids, or our bills- and here is a woman who is cleaning up crap and hair balls for a living and she's "glorious".

So as you go through your day, think of that woman in the gym bathroom.  We might have 20 degree temperatures outside, but things can always be worse.  And we can also choose to make ourselves smile with the right perspective, dammit!



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Eantonucci said:

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This is so true Jen! I have tested this theory on many aspects of my life. There have been times in theater or at a play rehearsal where I am exhausted and don't want to be there and I have CHOSE not to be exhausted and my mood shifts. There were also many times after my accident where I was extremely depressed and not wanting to do anything but with the conscious choice that things were going to get better, my mood would shift! Thanks for posting this as often times I need a reminder to CHOSE positive thoughts! :-)

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