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Dear Abby meets "I'm Spiritual Dammit.."

I got a note tonight on facebook from a reader who wanted to know "Where can a good girl find a guy who won't take her for granted?"  I've never been asked about relationships advice- but I do know from interviewing lots of spiritual guru's that when you're LOOKING for love- something is missing inside.

Kate Walsh and Neil Andrea Give Each Other a Big Kiss

Just like those who eat too many sweets, drink too much, or do drugs- the NEED for a relationship is just filling a void.  So the question becomes- "why can't YOU just be enough...?" 

Believe me- this is tough to address.  When I was in high school- I was very needy.  I thought that having a boyfriend would complete me.  My parent's were divorced and had re-married and I thought boys could help me escape. 

But since I've grown up, gotten married, had a child, and buried three close loved ones, I have switched my priorities.  If you are sitting in the New Year wanting a man- than you are missing some sort of spiritual fulfillment.  The bottom line, according to ALL the guru's I have interviewed over the years- YOU ARE ENOUGH.  No guy- no job- no kid- no work title- NOTHING will make you feel whole until you feel whole just being you.  

So remember this as you doze off to sleep tonight.  You only need you.  Your kids, your spouse, your grandma- they will all survive without you and you without them.  And all will be well in the world...



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Success In The Suburbs said:



I love this post. I had the privilege of hearing you speak at an event a couple of years ago and was tickled to run across your blog here. I think I'll forward this one to my 29 year old daughter, today. She is single and I think that she will find this very re-affirming. I think my daughter is living a full and interesting life and so does she! The fact is that the world can look at "single women" as missing something. More people need to have your attitude.

Good to hear your voice again.

Denise Burks

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