I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Three things you need to know this holiday season

If you want to be spiritual for the holidays, I have a couple of ground rules...  They're pretty simple and I've already seen several people I know and love break them.  Of course, in my attempt not to judge for the month of December, I am torn whether or not to share... but for now, I will say this is guidance...and not judgment..  (You buying this?  Cuz I'm not sure that I am..)


The FIRST thing you must remember this holiday-  whatever you do- when you give your gifts... DO NOT leave a price tag on or tell your recipient how much you spent on them.  This is the TACKIEST move you can make.  It screams "please love me...look what I DID for you!"  I usually find that the people who are the rudest throughout the year do this often around the holidays.  Like it's going to make up for all the times they were jerks or something.  Anyhow- it completely goes against the spirit of giving.  So refrain, pull off the tag, and don't be so self centered. 

Secondly, if you want to feel less stress this week, you really have to stop taking things personally.  This is one of don Miguel Ruiz's rules from his best selling book The Four Agreements.  If someone isn't calling you back, or says "no" to your X-Mas party, you shouldn't make it about you.  They may be under severe stress, or be going through a divorce.  You have no idea what they are up against.  I was in line at the Post Office today, and I listened to a woman bitch for a solid 8 minutes that her so called "friend" didn't show up to her annual cocktail party.

"If she's really my friend, she would have come for at least ONE drink!"  The woman gasped. 

"Why didn't she come?"  Her friend asked.

"She claimed her son had a fever but I don't buy it!" She snarled. 

Okay- I sooooo wanted to hit this woman over the head with my Priority Mail package and call it a day- but in my effort not to judge, I took a deep breath, and refrained.

The THIRD thing to remember, is LET IT GO.  This goes for all the old fights that have been brewing between spouses, or cousins, or grandparents.  Whatever it is, just don't fester and let that bleed into this year's celebrations.  Holding on to a grudge takes energy, and depletes your immune system.  It prevents new memories from being built, and pisses everyone off in the process.  As my old little league coach told me when I got nailed with a line drive in the stomach, "Just shake it off!"

So try these three things.  Let me know how it goes. 

And if none of this advice sticks- just drink more wine at dinner.  That might help too.   



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