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The judging challenge continues

I put out a challenge last week on vocalo.org asking people to stop judging for the month of December.  It's their "Month of Faith".  I figured- since Jesus said not to "judge"- let's see how many people can follow the word of the guy they say they worship.  I thought it would be do-able.  But after just a few days- I'm embarrassed to say that I officially suck at this.

It started when I came in to the WBEZ studios to get interviewed by Brian Johnson for vocalo.org.  He and his awesome co-host Molly brought up Sarah Palin, and I rolled my eyes.

"She's just not very intelligent," I comment.  "I can't stand her."


On my way home in traffic, someone cut me off.

"Asshole!" I screamed.


I get home, and a guy walking his dog didn't pick up after his pet as it takes a huge dump on my lawn.

"What do you think you're doing?!"  I screamed, suddenly channeling my crabby Grandfather.


That night, I turn on the news.

"Katie Couric needs to stop wearing purple lipstick," I think to myself.


Later, I think about ordering a movie On Demand.  I scroll through the options and consider "Angels and Demons", with Tom Hanks.

"He needs botox between his eyes," I think as I look at the preview.


Then I turn on Joy Behar on CNN.  She has an entire panel of comedians speculating about Tiger Woods, and they're judging Tiger, his wife, and the look of his alleged mistresses.  

"Why talk about this for a whole show?  This is ridiculous!" I yell at the television, judging them for being judgmental.  


Brett Favre comes on television selling Wrangler jeans.

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings

"I don't care if he IS hot- those jeans are queer," I quip at the television.


So in one day- I had seven judgments that I'm aware of.  I'm sure there were more.  

I knew this challenge would be tough, but I didn't think that I'd blow it so badly right out of the gate!

How's it going for you?



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TEEBEE said:

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Jenn - While I am certainly in the top 1% of those prone to instant judgement, in my attempts to turn that ship around I found that keeping in mind one phrase helps quite a bit: "They're doing the best they can with the awareness they have." It doesn't work all the time, but it sure helps to frequently avoid the self-induced stress that's not helping me and isn't changing them.

Jen Weigel said:


Hey Teebee-
I agree- but I'm disappointed in myself because I have an awareness that is pretty vast with all this "questing" i claim to be doing- So am I REALLY doing the best I can with my awareness?

elena said:

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maybe it would be easier not to judge if we all turned off the tvs and stopped driving for a while? it seems that those are the places the most morons show up.

i, too, holler at others while i'm driving. i think it's a good technique to remind myself out loud where the crazy drivers are so that i can be a better driver. so i think that is OK. i am not really judging them as human beings, just as dangers on the road. try convincing yourself that you're justified in that!

as far as the tv, how people look and act personally, etc., that is more like judging in my mind.
i try to avoid watching shows (such as the "news") that will peak my anger and judgmental side. and as for physique, i don't really care if people look their age.

but i also know that the minute i saw your first posting, my response to the title, without yet having read the article, was "no way can i do that."

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