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Jesus drove a Cadillac!

What if Jesus was a rich dude?  Seriously, I'm not just throwing out a hypothetical scenario to upset the Christian community, there are a slew of folks who think this is actually the case.  Thanks to a recent story from CNN, one pastor says there are enough clues in the bible to prove it.

According to Reverend C. Thomas Anderson, who is the senior pastor of the Living World Bible Church in Mesa Arizona, Jesus had to be well off to be given such gifts as gold, frankincense and myrrh.

"Mary and Joseph took a Cadillac to get to Bethlehem because the finest transportation in their day was a donkey," Anderson said.  "Poor people ate their donkey.  Only the wealthy used it as transportation."

I'm not a big bible reader, but wasn't Jesus all about feeding and healing the poor?  Was he only doing this because he was so rich he just wanted to give back?  (Kinda like Bill Gates when he donates a million bucks before the year ends so he can get a tax break?)

The Reverend also says that in the Bible, the Roman soldiers gambled for Jesus' underwear at the crucifixion.

"I don't know anybody-- even Pamela Anderson-- that would have people gambling for his underwear," Anderson says in the article.  "That was some fine stuff he wore."

I know I'm trying not to judge in December, but I have to disagree with this Reverend Anderson on this point- I mean, Pamela Anderson's underwear would TOTALLY be a hot commodity.

And if we'd had the internet when Jesus was around- his undergarments would have been sold on e-bay.  

Along with his fancy donkey, dammit!



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Matt Sapaula said:


YA Jen! I love this post...Jesus sure had a trust fund, didn't he? Just because he was born in a manger, with animals...doesn't mean his parents couldn't afford a proper room to begin with. I agree with you dammit!

Hawk Girl said:


Hi, Jen! Catherine Ponder alludes to the same point regarding wealth in her book, 'The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity' (copyright 1962). She wrote a bunch of books on this topic including a series called 'The Millionaires of the Bible." I've read 'The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity' book and it's very interesting. In fact, I get a lot of my daily affirmations from her book. Dr. Christiane Northrup (menopause guru) does the same thing. The reverend might be on to something here . . . hope all is well . . .

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