I'm Spiritual, Dammit

Is judgment acceptable if someone's in danger?

I would like to make an amendment to my "no judging" challenge.  If you put someone's life at risk- then not only should you be judged- you need to be STOPPED!  

I was driving down Lake Shore Drive, when I saw a school bus full of kids.  I was behind the bus heading south, and this driver was going so far over the speed limit that I could hardly keep up. 

Pennsylvania School Districts Employ New Bus Tracking Technology

Now, I'm known to put the 'pedal to the metal' as they say- so it's tough for someone to pass me when I'm in a hurry.  But this guy was going so fast, I couldn't even get close enough to read the phone number on the back so I could call and report him.

I'm thinking he knew this, which is why he was going 68mph in a 45mph zone!!  When I finally got close enough to copy down the phone number and the bus number- I got a look inside the bus.  This was filled with TINY kids- we're talking 5 year old's at best. 


I furiously dialed on my cell phone.  (If a cop pulled me over for talking on my phone while driving, I would  have been relieved because I would have given HIM the bus info too...)

"Hello?"  The voice said on the other end of the phone.

"I need to report a bus driver who is endangering his passengers.."  I said.

"Do you have the vehicle number?"  The voice asked.

"Yes," I blurted out...  "And just so you know, this person is almost going 70 on Lake Shore Drive!!" 

"Thank you for calling," the person said in a total 'who gives a shit' tone.

While I doubted anyone would be reprimanded, I did feel better after making the call- and then I thought about my "no judgment" challenge.

Am I not being spiritual for calling this person out on their dangerous behavior? 

"Would Jesus have called and complained?"  I wondered.

You bet your ass he would have, dammit!!



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elena said:

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next time call 911 and report erratic driving - maybe the bus company receptionist doesn't care, but the police will likely go after the driver.

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