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Dreams from dead people

Every have a dream of someone you loved?  Is it vivid?  Well, according to all the "I see dead people" experts I've interviewed, that's actually a "visitation".

Dad kissing me on my wedding day

I've had dreams of my dead Dad several times.  He was only 56 when he died, and the scenarios range from sitting in his car while driving to an appointment, to walking down the sidewalk.  Every time I see him, he gives me some sort of message that is relevant to my life at the time. 

But lately- he hasn't been around.  No dreams.  No Cardinal sightings.  Nada...

"They can't answer us every time we make a request," Best selling author James Van Praagh told me.  "They are busy elevating their souls and helping other souls.  They can't be there every time we call for them."


He also told me that we do get visits from loved ones in dreams.  If they are loving and positive, it's their spirit saying "hello".  If the dream is filled with angst or a fight of some sort, it is your subconscious working out emotions you have yet to process.

So my sister-in-law is visiting us from California.  She was taking a nap today, and I walked into the room as she was waking up.

"Oh my God!  I just saw your Dad!"  She blurted out.

"Huh?"  I asked.

"He was in my dream.  I asked him specifically if he had anything he wanted me to tell you since I was seeing him and you weren't and he smiled up at me and said, 'Yes- tell her that sometimes, taking a short cut isn't necessarily a bad thing.'  And that was it.  It was so clear that it woke me up!"  She gasped

"Thanks for the message," I said.  "I really needed to hear that."  Just a couple hours before this incident, I was thinking about something specific- and considering what I would call "the short cut".  Then I went about my day.  Then came the dream.

So keep an open mind to those visits.  Even if the dreams are had by someone other than yourself- it can give you the answers you're looking for, dammit!



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