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Do you believe in Santa?

So my son got to meet his hero this weekend. Yes- my three and a half year old sat on the lap of what he believed to be THE Santa Clause at Northbrook Court. So now I worry -- have we created a monster?

This is Britt's first year believing in Santa.  Last year, he was too young.  He's seen several holiday movies so he gets the premise.  I was worried that if we took him, we'd have a lame dude with a pull on beard or scotch on his breath.  But how awesome is this Santa?  Real beard- sweet face.  This guy has to make a killing over the Holidays.

We've been playing the "Santa card" pretty often too.  Anytime Britt starts acting up- suddenly, our cell phone rings, and the caller I.D. happens to say "North Pole."

"Hello Santa- what a treat it is to hear from you.  Is Britt being a good boy you ask??  Well it's funny you should bring that up right now..."

I won't be winning any parenting awards with that move- but It puts his butt in gear faster than you can say "Rudolph"- and with a toddler, that's a good thing.

So if you're kid is a believer of Santa, and you wanna find one that looks genuine, drive your kids up to Northbrook Court and get your cool photo.  There wasn't much of a line on a Friday.   

And by the way, how old are kids when they figure out this is all a fraud?  I wanna know how many years I can pull off the "Santa cell phone" discipline trick....



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elly said:


What? You mean Santa isn't real?!

HAHA, just kidding, I think they find out sometime around preschool because I can't imagine other kids keeping it a secret for that long. So, you've got a few more years of the cell trick :)

Happy Holidays!

coda916 said:


I remember being five years old and asking my Mom what Santa was getting my brother for Christmas:

"Whas Santy Claus gonna get Jodgy for Christmus?"

"Honey, Santa Claus isn't real...he's just made up for Christmas time. But Jesus is real and he loves you very much!"


Years later I asked my Mom why she did that and she said:

"Well honey, your father and I just didn't feel comfortable LYING to our children."

Makes sense...

JoMama said:

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I'd say you've got 2 maybe 3 years. But pretty soon he'll want to talk to Santa himself and argue his case!

TaniaM said:


Of course I believe in Santa ;)

vaughnchicago said:


The very thought of a fat bearded white guy watching your every move during the year, and then breaking into your house at night to judge if you've been good or bad, shouls scare EVERY child into a lifetime of traumatic stress...But I'm cool with it.

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